In August, the most popular version of Windows 10 was 1909. But the share of 2004 is growing rapidly


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 08:00 pm

In August, the most popular version of Windows 10 was 1909. But the share of 2004 is growing rapidly

AltDuplex today released a monthly report on Windows 10 usage. The data used to compile the statistics was collected from more than 5,000 Microsoft Store apps that use the AdDuplex SDK v.2 or higher. The information is current as of 27 August.

9Compared to last month’s report, the main change is that the most popular version of Windows 10 is 1909. It is used by 35.5% of users. In second place is Windows 10 1903, which is exactly two percent behind the leader. Due to the fact that the update has become available to a larger number of users, in the last month the share of current Windows 10 2004 has grown from 11.6 to 24.1%. It is worth noting that the percentage of users of version 1909 has decreased from 36.8% last month to the current 35.5%. And the most notable drop was demonstrated by Windows 10 1903, the percentage of users of which last month was 43.6%, and now is 33.5%.

The percentage of users of other versions is very insignificant. Windows 10 1809 is used by 2.4% of users, the share of 1803 is 2.1%, and in 1709 is 0.8%. The total number of users of older builds of Windows 10 does not exceed 1.1%. The audience for insider OS versions is 0.5%.

One of the key details the study demonstrates is that the distribution of Windows 10 2004 is starting to pick up steam. Recall that the latest build of the operating system is automatically received only by those users who are still “sitting” on version 1809 or older. Everyone else needs to use Windows Update to install it.

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