In the second half of May, PC will host a closed “alpha” voxel detective Shadows of Doubt


In the second half of May, PC will host a closed “alpha” voxel detective Shadows of Doubt

Sold Out on its official website announced the start of accepting applications for closed alpha testing of the Shadows of Doubt voxel detective from the independent studio ColePowered Games.

Shadows of Doubt
Shadows of Doubt

The tests will take place in the second half of this month (start – May 17) and offer about an hour of gameplay for familiarization, including two completed and polished side missions.

The purpose of the upcoming testing is to collect feedback, suggestions, and preferences (what they like, what they don’t like about the project) from the participants. Users will have to share their impressions with the developers directly during the gameplay.

To get a chance to get into the closed “alpha,” you need to fill out the form on the special page of the Sold Out website. From all applications, the developers will choose 250 lucky ones and send them a Steam key.

For a comfortable game in Shadows of Doubt, we recommend an Intel Core i5 processor (or AMD equivalent) and a video card no worse than NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. This is because, at this stage, the project is not yet properly optimized.

Recall that Shadows of Doubt offers to track down a serial killer in the role of a private detective. At the same time, literally, anyone can turn out to be a maniac in the game – all thanks to the advanced procedural generation of the world and the simulation of its inhabitants’ lives.

Shadows of Doubt are being developed exclusively for PC (Steam) and do not even have an approximate release date. In anticipation of the full-fledged release, the project is planned to be kept in early access for some time.

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