Indian Student Akshat Srivastava Meets Apple CEO Tim Cook After Winning the Swift Student Challenge


Indian student Akshat Srivastava, a 22-year-old from BITSani, Goa, has recently achieved significant recognition by winning the prestigious Swift Student Challenge. This accomplishment brought him the unique opportunity to meet Apple CEO Tim Cook, who praised Srivastava’s innovative work in app development. The young developer’s journey and his app, MindBud, are exemplary of the burgeoning talent and creativity among Indian students.

Indian Student Akshat Srivastava
Indian Student Akshat Srivastava

The Swift Student Challenge: A Prestigious Platform

The Swift Student Challenge is an annual competition hosted by Apple, aimed at encouraging young developers to showcase their coding skills and creativity. Winning this challenge is a testament to the participant’s technical prowess and innovative thinking. Akshat Srivastava’s success in this competition is a proud moment for India, highlighting the country’s growing pool of talented developers.

MindBud: Merging Classic Games with Modern Technology

The Inspiration Behind MindBud

Akshat Srivastava’s award-winning app, MindBud, was inspired by playful interactions with his nephew. Recognizing the importance of fostering both analytical and creative thinking in children, Srivastava developed MindBud to merge classic games with new technology. MindBud features four mini-games designed to be enjoyed by kids with their family and friends, promoting both fun and learning.

Technological Excellence

Srivastava utilized SwiftUI, AVKit, PencilKit, and FileManager to create an immersive and interactive experience with MindBud. These technologies allowed him to integrate modern features seamlessly into classic games, enhancing the user experience while maintaining the nostalgic charm of traditional games.

Tim Cook’s Admiration for Srivastava

During their meeting, Tim Cook expressed his admiration for Srivastava’s innovative spirit and dedication. Cook shared his thoughts on X (formerly Twitter), saying, “I met so many extraordinary developers when I visited India last year. It was equally wonderful to meet Akshat this week and see how he’s created a whole new way to share his love of classic games with the next generation.”

Srivastava’s Journey: From Covid-19 Crisis to WWDC 2024

Early Beginnings

Srivastava’s journey in app development began during the Covid-19 pandemic. He developed an app to track vacant hospital beds via social media posts, showcasing his ability to leverage technology for social good. This early experience laid the foundation for his continued passion for app development.

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Recognition and Future Prospects

Winning the Swift Student Challenge earned Srivastava a place among the 50 Distinguished Winners invited to WWDC 2024. This accolade not only recognizes his current achievements but also sets the stage for his future endeavors in technology.

WWDC 2024 and Distinguished Winners

A Unique Opportunity

The 50 Distinguished Winners of the Swift Student Challenge are invited to a three-day in-person experience at Apple Park. This exclusive event includes tailored programming and special events designed to inspire and educate the next generation of developers.

Impact on Indian Developers

Tim Cook highlighted the significant contributions of Indian developers during WWDC 2024, saying, “Akshat is part of a growing generation of developers from all across India who are bringing their best ideas to life through coding and making an important impact in their communities and around the world.” This acknowledgment underscores the increasing influence of Indian developers on the global tech landscape.


What is the Swift Student Challenge?

The Swift Student Challenge is an annual competition hosted by Apple to encourage young developers to showcase their coding skills and creativity through innovative app projects.

Who is Akshat Srivastava?

Akshat Srivastava is a 22-year-old student from BITSani, Goa, who won the Swift Student Challenge with his app MindBud.

What is MindBud?

MindBud is an app developed by Akshat Srivastava that blends classic games with modern technology to foster analytical and creative thinking in children.

How did Tim Cook react to Srivastava’s app?

Tim Cook expressed admiration for Srivastava’s innovation and dedication, praising the app for its creativity and impact on the next generation.

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What opportunities do Swift Student Challenge winners get?

Winners of the Swift Student Challenge are invited to a three-day in-person experience at Apple Park during WWDC, featuring tailored programming and special events.

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