Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger leaves VMware board


Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger leaves VMware board

Pat Gelsinger recently stepped down as CEO of VMware to join Intel. He planned to retain his position on the company’s board of directors. But VMware filed documents with the SEC, in which it announced that Pat Gelsinger had left his post on all VMware committees on April 21, 2021.

Pat Gelsinger
Pat Gelsinger

Pat Gelsinger’s departure from VMware appears amicable: VMware told CRN that it was a personal decision by Pat Gelsinger in his new role as Intel CEO and added: “We are grateful for his many years the board and his tenure CEO of VMware. “

Mr. Gelsinger is certainly full of things to do, as he embarks on an ambitious plan to transform Intel, which today has many problems of its own, into a company that will not only produce its own chips but also deals with contract manufacturing, fulfilling orders for third-party customers – according to analogies with TSMC.

As a result, the manufacturing division of Intel Foundry Services (ISF) will operate independently within the company and submit separate reports to P&L. This means that Mr. Gelsinger will, among other things, be responsible for creating the new organization from scratch, forging relationships with more than 50 potential ISF clients, which the company announced in its announcement. Therefore, it makes sense for the head of Intel to focus on current tasks fully.



Pat Gelsinger’s decision is also expected because VMware is also undergoing a fairly serious transformation: Dell Technologies is spinning the company. It owns 81% of the shares into an independent business. Dell announced this last week, and such a transformation will certainly add complexity to the board’s workload.

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Mr. Gelsinger’s LinkedIn profile currently lists board positions at Gloo, a software company, and the religious organization Transforming the Bay with Christ. It is unclear whether the manager plans to continue in these positions. It is not uncommon for CEOs to sit on the boards of other firms — for example, AMD CEO Lisa Su is on the Cisco board of directors.

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