Intel will bombard the market with processors of different generations.


Lunar Lake will be mobile only

Intel today introduced Meteor Lake mobile processors, which it calls a revolutionary step forward. In addition, Intel spoke about the next generations of its CPUs.


In total, we will have three of them over the next year: Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake, and Panther Lake. Of course, this does not mean that Intel will replace three generations of processors in a year.

Intel will bombard the market with processors of different generations.

Arrow Lake will be available in both desktop and mobile segments. On desktop, they will replace the Raptor Lake Refresh line, which will be released in October. In mobile, Arrow Lake will coexist with Meteor Lake, playing in the segment of higher-performance solutions. Such CPUs will be produced partly at Intel facilities using the Intel 20A process technology and partly at TSMC facilities using the N3 process technology.

Lunar Lake processors, as it turns out, will be similar to Meteor Lake in that they will be available only in the mobile segment. It is unclear whether this division is temporary or whether Intel will now continue to divide its CPU lines in this way. Lunar Lake will also be released next year. Given that this is technically a replacement for Meteor Lake, this may happen late next year.

Panther Lake will be available in both the mobile and desktop segments, that is, they will replace Arrow Lake. But in this case, it is unclear why they should also be expected in 2024 because the same Arrow Lake in this case will be relevant for less than a year.

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