Intel’s new Meteor Lake processors won’t be all that new.


But there is a new technical process

At the end of this year, Intel will introduce Meteor Lake processors, which will offer a new process technology, new architectures for large and small cores, and a new GPU. However, as it turned out, regarding architecture everything is not so clear.

Intel's new Meteor Lake processors
Intel’s new Meteor Lake processors

Intel itself has reported that the large and small cores of the Meteor Lake processors are very similar in architecture to the cores at the heart of the current generation of Raptor Lake.

Yes, the new cores will be called differently in both cases (Redwood Cove and Crestmont), but there are not too many technical differences. At the same time, we recall that the Raptor Cove cores in the current Intel CPUs are an improved version of the Golden Cove cores in Alder Lake.

Intel's new Meteor Lake processorsIntel's new Meteor Lake processors

Intel’s new Meteor Lake processors won’t be all that new.

Intel notes that it is not the architecture update that plays an important role, but the new Intel 4 process technology, which will allow the new CPUs to be faster and more energy efficient.

Compared to the previous generation of Raptor Lake, the microarchitecture of the P and E cores in Meteor Lake has some improvements. However, we have transitioned Meteor Lake to Intel Process 4. In general, when we introduce new processes, we strive to reduce risk from an architectural perspective. Once we achieve a stable flow of processes, we tend to take a bigger leap by improving the architecture. So, since this is a new big node upgrade for us and we can also get the power efficiency benefits of Intel 4, we made very few changes to the core architecture

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That is, the tick-tock approach that was previously familiar to Intel takes place.

At the same time, it cannot be said that future Arrow Lake in this case will carry truly new cores since this generation will also change the technical process (to Intel 20A).

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