Is the Sony PlayStation 5 overheating so much that it will come to be redone?


Rumors say console may delay 6-12 months Or it will turn out problematic

Yesterday, the chief architect of the Sony PlayStation 5 assured us that it is not worth worrying about the high peak frequency of the GPU console, as the console will give maximum performance whenever this or that game requires it.

Sony PlayStation 5
Sony PlayStation 5

In addition, Mark Cerny noted that the frequencies will not depend on the temperature regime. And against this background, the information that appeared today on the Web looks very contrasted. The author claims that the PlayStation 5 has very serious problems with overheating. So serious that Sony is supposedly thinking about postponing the console output for 6-12 months in order to have time for a complete redesign of the design and cooling system. An alternative is to release the console as it is.

But at the moment, according to the source, the PS5 is not only unable to constantly provide maximum performance, but also suffers from malfunctions caused by overheating. It is supposedly overheating either the ultrafast SSD itself or the entire subsystem associated with it.

The source claims that Sony has no idea what form factor the console needs to give in order to solve the problem, and one of the options is to make it vertical, but in this case, if the console lingers, it will look like Sony simply copied the idea from Microsoft

However, it is worth stipulating a number of points. Firstly, it is completely unclear who the author is – it’s just some unknown person. He himself says that he received information from the developers, but the big question is whether all this can be believed. Secondly, it is not very clear why no such rumours have ever been on the Network before, because there are enough laudatory ods about the PlayStation 5.



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