It became known why Avito was removed from Google Play


The new version quickly passed the test

The Avito ad service mobile app has reappeared in the Google Play app store for Android devices.

“Everything worked. We were returned to Google Play,” the developers said in their official Telegram channel.

Prior to this, the Avito press service stated that the application was removed due to integration with a third-party service, which Google considered violating the rules for publishing applications on Google Play.

It became known why Avito was removed from Google Play

“Although a week ago, with this integration, the application successfully passed the publication check,” the press service said in a Telegram channel.

Google Play
Google Play

A new version of the application has been submitted for review, in which this problem has already been fixed. The check was completed within a few hours.

Earlier it was reported that the application disappeared from Google Play, but is still available in the App Store.

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