It happened. WhatsApp mass video calls are available to everyone


Last updated on April 29th, 2023 at 01:29 pm

Update available for iOS and Android.

The development team of the popular WhatsApp messenger has released an update with an increased number of video call participants for regular users. This feature has been intensively discussed online recently. 

WhatsApp video calls

It happened. WhatsApp mass video calls are available to everyone

Previously, the function was available in test mode in the beta version of the application. Testing has been conducted since last week. 

Now, WhatsApp with an extended limit can be downloaded to the iPhone from the App Store and Android smartphones from the WhatsApp website ( version 2.20.141 ). Interestingly, at the time of writing the news, only the old version of the application is available on Google Play. 

The update allows you to connect up to eight people to group calls instead of the previous four. The developers also note that such calls are protected and have end-to-end encryption. However, all participants must use the latest version of WhatsApp.

For iPhone users, the new version has been improved interface to match the design of iOS 13, including the updated message management menu.

Meanwhile, reports appeared on the net that Facebook could still ruin WhatsApp ads

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