Jazeera Airways Announces Leadership Transition: Barathan Pasupathi Takes the Helm as CEO


Jazeera Airways, a leading low-cost carrier in Kuwait, has announced a significant change in leadership. After seven successful years at the helm, Rohit Ramachandran will be stepping down as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective March 26, 2024. Taking the reins as the new CEO will be Barathan Pasupathi (Bara), a former CFO of Jazeera Airways with extensive experience in the aviation industry.

A Legacy of Growth and Innovation: Rohit Ramachandran’s Tenure at Jazeera Airways

Under Ramachandran’s leadership, Jazeera Airways experienced a remarkable period of growth and achievement. He is credited with:

Tripling the airline’s fleet: During his tenure, Jazeera Airways tripled the size of its fleet, enabling the expansion of its network and service offerings.

Expanding into 65 destinations: The airline’s geographic reach significantly expanded under Ramachandran’s leadership, offering passengers a wider range of travel options.

Achieving record passenger volumes: Jazeera Airways saw an unprecedented rise in passenger traffic under Ramachandran’s guidance, signifying the growing popularity of the airline’s services.

Delivering exceptional results: Ramachandran’s strategic direction led to consistent and impressive financial performance for Jazeera Airways.

Spearheading the construction of Jazeera Terminal 5: He played a key role in the development of a dedicated terminal at Kuwait International Airport, further enhancing the passenger experience.

Guiding the airline through the pandemic: Ramachandran’s leadership was instrumental in navigating the airline through the global pandemic, ensuring its resilience and future success.

Marwan Boodai, Chairman of Jazeera Airways, expressed his gratitude for Ramachandran’s significant contributions to the company. He praised Ramachandran’s visionary leadership, operational excellence, and commitment to building shareholder value. Boodai also highlighted Ramachandran’s successful navigation of the airline through the challenges of the pandemic.

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Barathan Pasupathi: A Seasoned Aviation Leader Steps Up

Barathan Pasupathi, fondly known as Bara, brings over 30 years of experience in aviation, oil and gas, and supply chain management to his new role as CEO. His aviation expertise spans various areas, including:

Finance and management: His background in finance positions him well to understand and manage the airline’s financial operations effectively.

Operational expertise: Pasupathi’s experience in airline operations will be crucial in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the airline.

Aircraft procurement and leasing: His knowledge of aircraft procurement and leasing will be invaluable in managing and optimizing the airline’s fleet.

Pasupathi previously served as the CFO of Jazeera Airways and played a pivotal role in establishing Sahaab Aircraft Leasing, functioning as its CFO from 2007 to 2010. He holds a deep understanding of the aviation industry, especially concerning safety, operational efficiency, and customer service. His appointment ensures continuity and provides strong leadership as Jazeera Airways embarks on its next chapter of growth.

Looking Forward: A Smooth Transition and a Commitment to Continued Success

Both Ramachandran and Pasupathi expressed their confidence in the future of Jazeera Airways. Ramachandran believes Pasupathi’s appointment will ensure the airline continues to achieve new milestones in terms of operational standards, customer experience, and growth. He also commended Pasupathi’s passion for people and expressed his belief that the team will thrive under his leadership.

Pasupathi emphasized his commitment to continuing the airline’s journey of providing affordable and accessible travel for passengers in Kuwait and beyond. He also highlighted his focus on innovation and maintaining high levels of customer service.

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This leadership transition marks a new chapter for Jazeera Airways, with Pasupathi at the helm. With his extensive experience and dedication to the aviation industry, Pasupathi is well-positioned to lead the airline towards continued success and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who is the new CEO of Jazeera Airways?

A: Barathan Pasupathi (Bara) has been appointed as the new CEO of Jazeera Airways, effective March 26, 2024.

Q: What is Rohit Ramachandran’s reason for stepping down?

A: While no specific reason was mentioned in the official announcement, Ramachandran has stated it is “bittersweet” to say goodbye and feels lucky to have worked at the airline.

Q: What are Barathan Pasupathi’s plans as the new CEO?

A: Pasupathi plans to build upon the existing foundation, ensure continued growth, maintain focus on operational excellence and customer service, and offer affordable travel options to passengers.

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