Jin Discharged from Military Service: A Joyful Return for BTS and ARMY


The global K-Pop phenomenon BTS has officially entered a new chapter with the discharge of its eldest member, Jin, from his mandatory military service. This momentous occasion marks a turning point for the band and its dedicated fanbase, known as ARMY, who eagerly await their full reunion.

A Joyful Return for BTS and ARMY
A Joyful Return for BTS and ARMY

A Celebration of Duty and Dedication

On [date], after 18 months of service, Jin officially completed his military obligation. As the first member of BTS to fulfill this duty, Jin paved the way for his fellow bandmates who are also currently serving. His discharge was met with much fanfare, both from fans and media, highlighting the immense popularity of BTS and the significance of his service.

Welcomed with Open Arms

Big Hit Music, BTS’s agency, released a statement confirming Jin’s discharge and emphasized that the day was for military personnel only, requesting fans to avoid visiting the site. Despite this, Korean media outlets broadcasted the event live, capturing the heartwarming reunion between Jin and his fellow BTS members. Videos showcased Jin embracing his fellow soldiers, receiving flowers, and being warmly welcomed back by RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook – all currently serving in the military. The joyous atmosphere was further amplified by RM’s surprise performance of “Dynamite” on the saxophone.

A Decade of Success and The Road Ahead

BTS has taken the world by storm since its debut in 2013. With chart-topping hits, sold-out tours, and a devoted global fanbase, they have become a cultural phenomenon. However, in October 2022, the group announced their plans to fulfill their mandatory military service, a requirement for all South Korean men. This decision, viewed as an act of national duty and social responsibility, was supported by both the band and their fans.

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Leading the Way: Jin’s Example

Jin’s enlistment, followed by his successful discharge, serves as a blueprint for his fellow members. Before leaving for service, Jin released a solo single, “The Astronaut,” showcasing his musical talent and dedication to his fans. In a message to ARMY, he reassured them that he would be back soon and ready to work hard again. With his discharge, Jin sets the stage for the rest of BTS to follow suit and eventually reunite as a complete group.

A Reunion Anticipated by Millions

While specific dates haven’t been confirmed, BTS is expected to reunite as a full group sometime in 2025. This news brings immense excitement to ARMY worldwide who have been eagerly awaiting their return. It is anticipated that their return will be marked by a grand event, further solidifying their status as global icons.