JLo Takes a Leap of Faith: Financing Her Prime Video Film “This is Me…Now: A Love Story

Jennifer Lopez isn’t afraid to break the mold. With her new Prime Video film, “This is Me…Now: A Love Story,” she not only wears the hats of singer, actress, and choreographer but also donned the producer’s cap, even when financing fell through at the last minute.

From Album to Cinematic Odyssey: The Birth of “This is Me…Now”

Jennifer Lopez Financed Her New Prime Video
Jennifer Lopez Financed Her New Prime Video

Inspired by her upcoming album of the same name, Lopez envisioned a “narrative driven, cinematic original” film to accompany the music. While the singing, dancing, and acting came naturally, funding the project posed a bigger challenge.

When initial financing fell through, Lopez surprised everyone by deciding to bankroll the entire project herself. “Everybody thought I was crazy,” she admits, but her producing partner Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas understood her unwavering passion. “She was open to anyone’s notes,” Goldsmith-Thomas says, acknowledging the risk yet believing in Lopez’s vision.

A Star-Studded Affair: From Jane Fonda to Ben Affleck

“This is Me…Now” doesn’t shy away from big names. Expect appearances from Jane Fonda, Trevor Noah, Fat Joe, and even Lopez’s husband, Ben Affleck. But how did Affleck come to be involved?

Lopez explains that their real-life relationship wasn’t the central focus. Instead, she wanted to explore universal themes of love and second chances. The inclusion of Affleck stemmed from wanting to capture the “funny in life like way” of love, showcasing its humor alongside heartfelt moments.

Comedy and Tragedy: Embracing the Realities of Life

Lopez emphasizes that “This is Me…Now” isn’t solely about the happy side of love. It embraces the laughter and tears, the absurdities and vulnerabilities that come with life and relationships. This authenticity, coupled with humor and a star-studded cast, promises a unique cinematic experience.

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Q: What inspired “This is Me…Now: A Love Story”?

A: The film was inspired by Lopez’s upcoming album of the same name and her experiences with love and second chances.

Q: Why did Lopez finance the film herself?

A: Initial financing fell through, and Lopez felt so strongly about the project that she decided to invest her own money.

Q: What kind of role does Ben Affleck play?

A: Affleck appears in the film, but Lopez clarifies that their real-life relationship is not the main focus. The film explores broader themes of love and second chances.

Q: What can we expect from the film’s tone?

A: Expect a blend of humor, heartwarming moments, and real-life authenticity, reflecting the complexities of love and relationships.

Q: When does “This is Me…Now: A Love Story” premiere?

A: The film premieres on Prime Video on February 16, 2024.

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