Jonathan Majors Faces New Lawsuit from Ex-Girlfriend Alleging Abuse and Defamation


Actor Jonathan Majors, recently convicted of misdemeanor assault and harassment against his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari, is now facing a civil lawsuit filed by Jabbari herself. The lawsuit details a disturbing pattern of alleged physical and emotional abuse, as well as defamation claims stemming from Majors’ public pronouncements of innocence.

From Criminal Conviction to Civil Lawsuit: Jabbari Files Abuse Allegations

Following a New York jury’s verdict in December 2023, the fallout surrounding Jonathan Majors continues. Jabbari, a dancer and movement coach, has filed a lawsuit in federal court outlining a series of allegations against Majors. These claims center around alleged physical violence dating back to 2022, as well as defamation related to Majors’ denials of abuse throughout the criminal case.

The lawsuit details a disturbing pattern of abuse that Jabbari claims began in 2021 and escalated throughout their relationship. Specific accusations include:

  • Physical assault on September 20th, 2022, including throwing, choking, and threats of violence.
  • Verbal abuse and intimidation throughout the relationship.
  • Emotional manipulation and control tactics.

Jabbari further alleges that Majors attempted to discourage her from seeking medical attention after the alleged assault in September 2022.

Majors’ legal team has responded, stating they are preparing counterclaims against Jabbari. However, the lawsuit sheds new light on the accusations against the actor, potentially impacting his public image and ongoing career.

The Intersection of Criminal and Civil Cases: Can They Coexist?

While Majors faced criminal charges of assault and harassment, those proceedings had limitations. Jurors primarily considered the alleged incident from September 2022, with past instances serving as background information. Jabbari, due to legal constraints, couldn’t fully address claims of physical violence in the criminal trial.

The current civil lawsuit provides a platform for Jabbari to detail the alleged abuse more comprehensively. This includes accusations of physical violence in addition to emotional manipulation, broadening the scope of the case.

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It’s important to note that these are just allegations at this point in the civil case. A court will ultimately determine the validity of Jabbari’s claims.

Defamation and Public Statements: A Tangled Web

Jabbari’s lawsuit also aims to Majors’ public pronouncements of innocence following his criminal conviction. The lawsuit argues that Majors’ denials constitute defamation, potentially damaging Jabbari’s reputation and personal life.

Whether these statements can be considered defamation will hinge on factors like:

  • Truth vs. Falsity: Can Jabbari prove the alleged abuse occurred, ultimately demonstrating the falsity of Majors’ claims of innocence?
  • Malice: Was there malicious intent behind Majors’ public statements? Did he knowingly make false claims to damage Jabbari’s reputation?

The legal battle between Jabbari and Majors will likely hinge on these complexities.


What are the specific allegations against Jonathan Majors?

The lawsuit details physical assault, verbal abuse, emotional manipulation, and attempts to control Jabbari’s behavior.

How does this civil lawsuit differ from the criminal case?

The criminal case focused on a specific alleged incident, while the civil lawsuit paints a broader picture of a pattern of abuse. Additionally, the civil case allows Jabbari to delve into claims of physical violence, which were limited in the criminal trial.

What happens next in this case?

The legal process will involve discovery, depositions, and potentially a trial where both sides present evidence. A court will ultimately decide the outcome of the lawsuit.

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