Justin Mohn – Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Father’s Murder and Disturbing YouTube Video


Dive into the disturbing case of Justin Mohn, a 32-year-old Pennsylvania man, arrested for allegedly killing his father, Michael Mohn, and sharing a gruesome video on YouTube. Unravel the details surrounding this shocking incident and the eerie conspiracy theories propagated by the accused.

Justin Mohn – Pennsylvania Man Arrested

Arrest and Charges: Father’s Tragic Fate: Explore the circumstances leading to the arrest of Justin Mohn, accused of the first-degree murder of his father, Michael Mohn. Understand the gravity of the charges, including abuse of a corpse and possession of a deadly instrument.

Legal Proceedings: Learn about Mohn’s arraignment, where he was denied bail, and the implications of the charges he faces. Gain insights into the legal aspects of the case and the initial court proceedings.

Disturbing YouTube Video: Video Content: Delve into the contents of the shocking YouTube video titled “Mohn’s Militia – Call To Arms For American Patriots.” Uncover the disturbing visuals of Mohn displaying his father’s decapitated head, along with the inflammatory right-wing conspiracy theories he espouses.

YouTube’s Response: Understand YouTube’s swift action in removing the video due to its policies against graphic violence and violent extremism. Explore the role of social media platforms in managing such disturbing content.

Background and Lawsuits: Federal Lawsuits: Examine Justin Mohn’s history of filing federal lawsuits against government agencies, including a notable case against the U.S. government related to student loans. Gain insights into the dismissal of these claims and Mohn’s subsequent legal challenges.

Employment Lawsuit: Explore Mohn’s lawsuit against his former employer, Progressive Insurance, involving allegations of wrongful termination and sex discrimination. Understand the court’s ruling on this case and the dynamics surrounding Mohn’s employment history.

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Gruesome Crime Scene: Discovery by Family: Uncover the chilling details of Michael Mohn’s decapitated body discovered by his wife, Denice. Explore the gruesome crime scene, including the presence of a machete and a large kitchen knife.

Justin Mohn’s Capture: Follow the timeline of events leading to Justin Mohn’s capture, 100 miles away from the crime scene. Learn about his apprehension by law enforcement and the circumstances surrounding his arrest.


*Q1: What charges does Justin Mohn face? A1: Justin Mohn faces charges of first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, and possession of a deadly instrument.

*Q2: Why was the YouTube video removed? A2: The video was removed by YouTube for violating its policies on graphic violence and violent extremism.

Reflect on the shocking events surrounding Justin Mohn’s arrest, the disturbing YouTube video, and the tragic fate of his father. Consider the legal complexities and the broader implications of such a horrifying crime.

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