Kate McKinnon Takes on a New Role: Author! Debut Middle-Grade Novel Unveiled

Get ready for a hilarious and heartwarming adventure, penned by none other than comedic powerhouse Kate McKinnon! The former Saturday Night Live star is stepping outside the spotlight and into the world of literature with her debut novel, “The Millicent Quibb School of Etiquette for Young Ladies of Mad Science.”

From Studio Lights to Storyteller: McKinnon Embraces a New Chapter

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers announced the exciting news on Monday, with Megan Tingley, the publisher, expressing her delight in welcoming McKinnon to their family of authors. This marks a thrilling new chapter for the actress, showcasing her talent beyond the comedic stage.

A Glimpse into the Quirky World of “The Millicent Quibb School”

The novel, set to be released in October 2024, promises to be a delightful blend of humor and heart. It follows the adventures of the Porch Sisters – Gertrude, Eugenia, and Dee-Dee – who find themselves entangled with the town’s eccentric mad scientist, Millicent Quibb. This unlikely friendship leads them to the “Millicent Quibb School of Etiquette for Young Ladies of Mad Science,” where they embark on a journey filled with scientific explorations, quirky lessons, and unexpected friendships.

A Middle-Grade Feast for Imagination and Laughter

Targeted towards young readers, the novel promises an engaging and relatable experience. McKinnon’s signature comedic voice shines through, ensuring a healthy dose of laughter alongside the heartwarming moments. The story encourages readers to embrace their individuality, celebrate curiosity, and find joy in the unexpected.

Beyond the Book: A Glimpse into McKinnon’s Inspiration

According to McKinnon, the book was inspired by her own childhood memories and a love for the natural world. She hopes that young readers will find inspiration in the story’s themes of friendship, self-acceptance, and the boundless possibilities that lie within each individual.

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Everything You Want to Know About McKinnon’s Debut Novel

Q: When is the book released?

A: The Millicent Quibb School of Etiquette for Young Ladies of Mad Science is scheduled to be released in October 2024.

Q: What age group is the book targeted for?

A: The book is aimed at middle-grade readers, roughly between the ages of 8 and 12.

Q: What are the main themes of the book?

A: The story explores themes of friendship, self-acceptance, embracing individuality, and the power of curiosity.

Q: Where can I pre-order the book?

A: Pre-orders are likely to be available soon at major online retailers and bookstores.

Q: Will there be more books in the series?

A: “The Millicent Quibb School of Etiquette for Young Ladies of Mad Science” is the first book in an upcoming series, so more adventures are on the horizon!

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