Kern County’s Crackdown: 7 Marijuana Dispensaries Closed, 17 Arrests Made


Kern County’s Crackdown: 7 Marijuana Dispensaries Closed, 17 Arrests Made

In a significant law enforcement operation, Kern County authorities have closed down seven marijuana dispensaries and apprehended 17 individuals involved in illegal marijuana activities. This effort underscores the commitment to uphold local laws and regulations surrounding marijuana in the region.

The Operation :

Local Task Forces Join Forces to Combat Illicit Marijuana Distribution

In a collaborative effort between the Kern County High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Task Force and the Kern County District Attorney’s Office, a sweeping operation was launched to curtail the illegal distribution of marijuana in eastern Kern County.

Dispensaries Shut Down :

Immediate Closure of Seven Targeted Dispensaries

As part of the operation, search warrants were executed at seven specific marijuana dispensaries, resulting in their immediate closure. The affected dispensaries included:

  1. Lights Out Wellness – 1739 Poplar St.
  2. Wicked Weed – 2763 Sierra Highway
  3. The Location – 2613 Diamond St.
  4. Mr. 5 Gramz – 2665 Diamond St.
  5. AV Wellness – 2689 Sierra Highway
  6. Plum Tree Collective – 2873 Sierra Highway
  7. CBD Plus – 2753 Diamond St.

These closures are part of an ongoing campaign by local authorities to combat illegal marijuana operations and ensure compliance with regional marijuana laws.

17 Arrested And 7 Eastern Kern Marijuana Shops Shut Down By Local Agencies
17 Arrested And 7 Eastern Kern Marijuana Shops Shut Down By Local Agencies

Arrests Made:

17 Individuals Face Charges in Connection with Illicit Marijuana Commerce

Seventeen individuals were arrested during the operation, each facing multiple charges related to their involvement in illegal marijuana commerce. The individuals and their locations include:

Gregory Black, 54, of Rosamond

Jennifer Lara, 36, of Mojave

Christopher Tunstall, 27, of Lancaster

Sheri Castellanos, 62, of Bakersfield

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Philip Silva, 39, of Lancaster

Tyler Pedigo, 33, of Rosamond

Christopher Clark, 38, of Sylmar

Guadalupe Vieyra, 32, of Little Rock

Christopher Sosa, 39, of Lancaster

Iris Castro, 30, of Lancaster

Jennifer Castro, 26, of Lancaster

Levan Kekelia, 47, of Mojave

Catana Berthiaume, 31, of Lancaster

Michael Epps, 28, of Mojave

Marlon Garnett, 26, of Mojave

Munster Maayah, 25, of Rosamond

Jacob Dewater, 36, of Lancaster

Local Commitment :

Preserving Public Safety and Enforcing Local Laws

This operation highlights the unwavering dedication of local law enforcement agencies to combat illicit drug trafficking and safeguard public safety. While some states in the U.S. have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use, Kern County’s actions align with regional laws and regulations that may impose restrictions or bans on marijuana-related activities.

FAQs about 17 Arrested And 7 Eastern Kern Marijuana Shops Shut Down By Local Agencies

Q1: What prompted the crackdown on marijuana dispensaries in Kern County?

A1: The crackdown was initiated to combat the illegal distribution of marijuana and ensure compliance with local marijuana laws.

Q2: Are there any legalized marijuana dispensaries in Kern County?

A2: Yes, there are legal dispensaries in Kern County; however, the operation targeted those operating outside the bounds of the law.

Q3: What charges do the arrested individuals face?

A3: The arrested individuals face multiple charges related to their participation in illegal marijuana commerce.

Q4: Is marijuana legal in California?

A4: Yes, marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational use in California, but local regulations may vary, and illegal operations are subject to law enforcement actions.

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