Launch Trailer for the Cute Tactical RPG Crown Trick on Nintendo Switch and PC


Launch Trailer for the Cute Tactical RPG Crown Trick on Nintendo Switch and PC

In July, Team17 and Studio NExT announced that the roguelike role-playing adventure Crown Trick will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch in Q3 2020. The launch has now taken place, and for the occasion, a trailer showing the gameplay has been presented.

RPG Crown Trick
RPG Crown Trick

The game is also being developed for the PlayStation 4 console, but the authors have not yet named an appropriate launch date. Crown Trick is a 2D animated RPG adventure featuring turn-based combat and interactive skill-based strategy. The player enters a labyrinth that moves simultaneously with him and in which control of the elements is the key to defeating enemies and revealing the secrets of the underworld. Each time you go into the dungeon, you will encounter new difficulties.

Unlike classic open cards, Crown Trick locks the player up in a small room in the dungeon where the monster battles take place. The dynamics of the environment depends on the movements of the main character: the enemies standstill until the heroine chooses the most effective method of attack. You can plot a route on the map as long as necessary, choosing the best path, avoiding traps, or using the elements to your advantage. The strategy will have to be thought out very carefully.

As you delve deeper into the bowels of the dungeon, the player will come across a variety of elements that can be combined with the skills of the heroine to inflict additional damage on the enemy. You can throw fire into oil, setting monsters on fire, combine lightning with water to shock enemies, and so on. Throughout the mission, you will come across elite monsters called familiars who have special skills. After defeating them, the player will gain access to their abilities and expand the set of skills that will come in handy when passing the next levels.

There are more than 40 active skills, 60 passive abilities, 30 items, and 170 relics in the game, thanks to which the number of combinations is huge. Also Crown Trick offers over 100 different monsters and over a dozen powerful bosses, 9 unique types of weapons, and over 120 of their individual types. Also promised more than 60 mysterious tasks and mysteries in the Dimension of Nightmares.

The cost of the role-playing roguelike on Steam is now 665 rubles with a 10% discount.



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