Leak: the launch of the online action game Resident Evil Re: Verse postponed until the summer


Leak: the launch of the online action game Resident Evil Re: Verse postponed until the summer

A member of the Resident Evil Ambassador program, hiding on Twitter under the pseudonym RE8countdown, reported receiving an email notification about the postponement of the release of the multiplayer action Resident Evil Re: Verse.

Resident evil re
Resident evil re

Recall, until recently, the launch of Resident Evil Re: Verse was scheduled for one day with the single-player horror Resident Evil Village premiere – May 7 this year.

Following the message from RE8countdown, the change in information about the appearance of Resident Evil Re: Verse in the public domain was also recorded on the corresponding page of the official website of the series.

As it became known thanks to this leak, recently, Capcom plans to release Resident Evil Re: Verse during the summer of this year. More precise terms are not named at this stage.

Capcom has not yet commented on the situation; however, given the source of information – the official website of Resident Evil – we can talk either about the premature disclosure of the plans of the Japanese publisher or about a banal mistake.

It is worth noting that the beta tests of Resident Evil Re: Verse in April were not without problems. The first stage of testing, for example, had to be interrupted due to technical problems.

It was assumed that Resident Evil Re: Verse will become part of the Resident Evil Village and free for all owners of the game – it is not known whether this will change due to the transfer. Re: Verse is being created for PC (Steam), PS4, and Xbox One.

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