Leak: The Outer Wilds Space Adventure Gets Echoes of the Eye DLC


Leak: The Outer Wilds Space Adventure Gets Echoes of the Eye DLC

The founder of the consulting company GameDiscoverCo Simon Carless in his microblogdrew, attention to an unannounced add-on for Outer Wilds on SteamDB.

The Outer Wilds
The Outer Wilds

Recall that Outer Wilds from Annapurna Interactive and Mobius Digital is a sci-fi adventure in which the player finds himself in a time loop.

The cycle, calculated for 22 minutes, ends with the explosion of the star system. As a result, the search for answers to questions about the mystery of the universe has to start anew, but with the knowledge already obtained during previous expeditions.

As for the unannounced addition to the Outer Wilds, it’s called Echoes of the Eye. The content of the upcoming expansion is currently unknown.

It is worth noting that the Outer Wilds feature a planetary object called the Eye of the Universe – a mysterious addon may be associated with this.

The very opening of Echoes of the Eye on SteamDB does not guarantee an early announcement. However, both Annapurna Interactive and Mobius Digital posted an “eye” emoji on Twitter, which can be interpreted as a call to follow the development of events.

Outer Wilds debuted in May 2019 on PC (Epic Games Store) and Xbox One, reached PS4 in October, and on Steam in June 2020. The Nintendo Switch version will go on sale in the summer of 2021.

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