Lenovo’s Legion Go: A New Player in Portable PC Gaming


Lenovo’s Legion Go: A New Player in Portable PC Gaming

In the world of portable gaming devices, the competition is heating up, and Lenovo is making a bold entrance with the Legion Go. Following Valve’s successful release of the Steam Deck last year, other hardware manufacturers have been racing to create their own portable PCs. While options like the Asus ROG Ally and Ayaneo 2S have already emerged, Lenovo’s Legion Go promises innovation and unique features that set it apart. But is it worth the $700 price tag? Let’s dive into the details and find out.

Lenovo Legion Go
Lenovo Legion Go

The Legion Go: A Game Changer in Portable PC Gaming

The Legion Go may appear as a standard portable PC at first glance, but it’s far from ordinary. Lenovo has incorporated several innovative features that bridge the gap between handheld and PC gaming, making it a compelling choice for gamers. Here’s a closer look:

Unleash Your Power

The Legion Go is equipped with an AMD Ryzen z1 Extreme processor, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of storage, and a 49.2 Wh battery. These impressive specifications make it a powerful gaming machine that can handle demanding titles with ease.

A Display Like No Other

One standout feature of the Legion Go is its 144Hz 8.8” QHD+ screen with a resolution of 1600p. While this high resolution is impressive on paper, it may pose challenges in terms of performance. Optimizing games for such a clear display will be crucial to fully harness its potential.

legion go 1600p display
Legion go 1600p display

Loaded with Connectivity

Lenovo has not skimped on connectivity options. The Legion Go boasts two USB-C 4 ports, Bluetooth support, a microSD slot, a built-in camera, and two 2-watt speakers. It also runs on Windows and features a responsive touchscreen, providing a seamless desktop experience.

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The Weighty Issue

One drawback of the Legion Go is its weight, coming in at a hefty 1.8 pounds. While Lenovo is working on reducing the weight, it’s still considerably heavier than its competitors, which may affect its portability.

Innovative Controls: Taking Inspiration from the Nintendo Switch

Lenovo has taken inspiration from the Nintendo Switch when it comes to controls. The Legion Go features detachable controllers and a built-in kickstand, making it ideal for tabletop gaming. However, the controllers, while unique with a trackpad and assignable grip buttons, may take some getting used to due to their bulkiness.

A Mouse Mode Like No Other

One of the Legion Go’s most surprising features is its ability to transform the right controller into a mouse. This innovation opens up new possibilities for genres like CRPGs and strategy games, but it may present challenges in games designed for traditional mouse and keyboard controls.

The Verdict: A Fresh Perspective in Portable PC Gaming

Lenovo’s Legion Go brings a fresh perspective to the portable PC gaming market, with its unique features and innovative controls. While it faces challenges such as its weight and the demanding display, it has the potential to appeal to gamers looking for a device that bridges the gap between handheld and laptop gaming experiences.

1. What is the Legion Go?

  • The Legion Go is Lenovo’s entry into the portable PC gaming market. It’s a handheld gaming device with powerful specifications and innovative features.

2. What sets the Legion Go apart from other portable gaming devices?

  • The Legion Go distinguishes itself with a high-resolution 1600p display, detachable controllers, and a unique “mouse mode” for precise control. It also offers a wide range of connectivity options.
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3. What are the Legion Go’s specifications?

  • The Legion Go is equipped with an AMD Ryzen z1 Extreme processor, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of storage, and a 49.2 Wh battery.

4. Is the Legion Go suitable for casual gamers?

  • While the Legion Go offers impressive features, its weight and display resolution may make it less appealing to casual gamers seeking a more portable and straightforward gaming experience.

5. When will the Legion Go be available, and what is its price?

6. What genres of games are ideal for the Legion Go’s mouse mode?

  • The Legion Go’s mouse mode is well-suited for genres like CRPGs and strategy games that benefit from precise mouse controls.

7. Will the Legion Go’s weight be reduced before launch?

  • Lenovo is working on reducing the weight of the Legion Go, but it’s expected to remain relatively heavy compared to other portable gaming devices.

8. Can the Legion Go run popular PC games smoothly?

  • With its powerful hardware, the Legion Go can handle demanding PC games, but optimization for its high-resolution display may be necessary for optimal performance.
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