Lewis Hamilton to Join Ferrari from Mercedes in 2025

Explore the unexpected twist in Formula 1 as Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time World Champion, prepares to bid farewell to Mercedes and embrace a new journey with Ferrari for the upcoming 2025 season. This seismic shift is set to redefine the dynamics of the F1 landscape.

Lewis Hamilton’s Career Transition:

Legacy at Mercedes: Dive into the illustrious career of Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, spanning from 2013 to the impending 2025 season. Uncover the milestones, including six world championships, 103 race victories, and 104 pole positions, that have solidified Hamilton as a driving force in F1 history.


Agreed Contract Extension:

Lewis Hamilton set to make shock move to Ferrari from Mercedes in 2025
Lewis Hamilton set to make shock move to Ferrari from Mercedes in 2025

Examine the details of Hamilton’s two-year contract extension, agreed upon last summer alongside teammate George Russell, binding him to Mercedes until the conclusion of the 2025 season. Understand the motivations behind this commitment and the expectations for the Mercedes team.

Surprising Move to Ferrari:

Replacing Carlos Sainz: Unravel the reports suggesting Hamilton’s transition to Ferrari, where he is positioned as the replacement for Carlos Sainz. Witness the imminent end of an era at Mercedes and the beginning of a new chapter for Hamilton with the iconic Ferrari team.

Toto Wolff’s Briefing:

Anticipate insights from Mercedes principal Toto Wolff, who is expected to brief the team before an official announcement on Thursday, February 1. Delve into the reactions within the F1 community and the implications of Hamilton’s departure on the Mercedes team dynamics.

Hamilton’s Perspective and Challenges:

Assessment of the Car: Explore Hamilton’s viewpoint on the Mercedes car and his expectations for the upcoming season. Understand the challenges faced by the team and the British driver’s optimism despite a winless streak since December 2021.

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Transition to Ferrari:

Witness the shift in Hamilton’s F1 journey as he prepares to join Charles Leclerc at Ferrari. Analyze the potential impact of this collaboration on the competitive landscape and the driver market for the 2025 season.

Potential Outcomes and Impact:

Driver Market Dynamics: Envision the repercussions of Hamilton’s move on the F1 driver market. Assess the possibilities for Carlos Sainz, who may find himself without a team and become a sought-after target for multiple teams.

Legacy and Team Dynamics: Reflect on the legacy Hamilton leaves behind at Mercedes and the transformative effect on Ferrari’s team dynamics. Explore the strategic moves and negotiations that could shape the landscape of Formula 1 in the upcoming years.


*Q1: Why is Lewis Hamilton leaving Mercedes for Ferrari? A1: The move is reported to be a replacement for Carlos Sainz at Ferrari, marking a significant shift in Hamilton’s career dynamics.

*Q2: What are the details of Hamilton’s contract extension with Mercedes? A2: Hamilton agreed to a two-year contract extension last summer, keeping him with Mercedes until the end of the 2025 season.

Conclusion: Conclude the exploration of Lewis Hamilton’s groundbreaking decision to switch from Mercedes to Ferrari, envisioning the impact on his career, team dynamics, and the broader Formula 1 landscape.

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