LG Revolutionizes Vacation Rentals: Pro: Centric Stay™ Platform Elevates Guest Experience


LG Business Solutions USA is making waves at the 2024 VRMA Spring Forum with the groundbreaking Pro: Centric Stay™ TV management platform. This innovative technology marks a significant development for the vacation rental industry, offering the world’s first all-in-one, customizable television platform specifically designed for short-term rentals. Pro: Centric Stay promises to revolutionize the guest experience, strengthen brand recognition, and streamline operations for property managers, ultimately leading to increased profitability.

LG Revolutionizes Vacation Rentals
LG Revolutionizes Vacation Rentals

Transforming Guest Experiences: A Tailored Approach

LG’s vision is to transform guest experiences in vacation rentals by offering hotel-like amenities. Pro: Centric Stay empowers property managers, hosts, and owners to curate a seamless experience from the moment guests arrive.

Personalized Touches and Convenient Access

Imagine a vacation rental experience that welcomes guests by name. Pro: Centric Stay allows for customized welcome screens featuring guest names, images, and even videos. Convenient on-screen buttons can be programmed to launch popular streaming apps, eliminating the need for guests to download or log in to individual services.

A Digital Guidebook at Your Fingertips

Gone are the days of searching for property information or local recommendations. The platform offers a customizable digital guidebook containing essential details about the stay. This includes property guidelines, safety information, a rundown of on-site amenities, and local area information. Guests can easily access recommendations for dining options, nearby activities, events, and sightseeing attractions, all curated by the property manager.

Promoting Additional Services

Property managers can leverage Pro: Centric Stay to advertise additional services, boosting revenue and guest convenience. Whether it’s late check-outs, extended stays, mid-stay housekeeping, or re-bookings, guests can easily access these options directly through the platform.

Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Security

Pro: Centric Stay doesn’t just benefit guests; it empowers property managers with efficient operational tools. A unique innovation is the integration with Property Management Software (PMS). This enables the “Credentials Clear” capability – a feature that automatically logs out of all apps and erases all personal information upon checkout. This eliminates the need for guests to manually log out, enhancing security and streamlining the cleaning process.

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Centralized Control and Remote Management

Property managers gain centralized control over TVs, allowing for instant troubleshooting and the ability to deploy content changes to single or multiple properties remotely. This translates to significant time savings and improved operational efficiency.

Industry Experts Applaud Innovation

The vacation rental industry is buzzing with excitement about Pro: Centric Stay. Lino Maldonado, President of BeHome247 Technologies, a leading PMS vendor supported by LG, states, “What LG has created is long overdue and allows the vacation rental industry to provide hotel-type in-room guest experiences for the first time comprehensively and seamlessly.” Pro: Centric Stay also boasts compatibility with other leading PMS vendors at launch.

A Legacy of Innovation Continues

“LG rose to be a leading provider of hospitality TVs by innovating in-demand features and delivering flexible options to suit any need,” says Michael Kosla, Senior Vice President of LG Business Solutions USA. “The launch of Pro: Centric Stay models further strengthens this legacy by delivering enhanced experiences and simple operations for guests,” he adds.

Efficiency Beyond Guest Experience

Pro: Centric Stay’s benefits extend beyond the guest experience. The platform empowers managers with remote management capabilities. This includes operational functions, usage status checks, and the ability to track provided service items across all TVs within their portfolio.

Availability and Compatibility

The revolutionary Pro: Centric Stay platform will be available on LG Hospitality Smart TV models featuring webOS™ 23. These TVs come in a variety of screen sizes, ranging from 43 to 75 inches diagonal, catering to different rental property needs.

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