LG Velvet, dimensions and specifications: 48 MP camera, 4,300 mAh battery Rumor


LG Velvet has a launch date from today, May 7th. There is not much missing, therefore, and in the meantime, the identikit of the device is becoming increasingly apparent. From South Korea arrive in fact images and unpublished information.

Since the first Velvet video teaser we know that it would arrive at least in four colours: a black, green, light and iridescent shade that will be called “Aurora white” and finally an original orange called “Illusion sunset”.

LG Velvet rumors
LG Velvet rumours

The most exciting aspect of the image, however, concerns that information of which we were not yet aware—starting with the dimensions167.1x74x7.85mm, and the weight of 180 grams. This means that, compared to the current top range, the V60, it will be a significantly lighter and thinner device, as well as slightly shorter and narrower. And this despite the size of the display should be reduced, but not much compared to the 6.8 inches of the V60.

We come then to the photographic sector, which as we can derive from the image will consist of a 16 MP front camera (housed by a small drop notch), and a triple rear cam, with 48MP primary sensor, an 8 MP wide-angle one and the 5 MP depth one.

The device apparently will have the IP68 certification, as regards the memory we see only one configuration, that of 8GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage: we do not know, therefore, if there will be others, and which ones.

The screen, of which we still ignore the diagonal, should be an OLED panel with a resolution of 2460×1080: again, the same view on V60. Continuing the comparison, the battery should instead undergo a downgrade, going from 5,000 mAh to a capacity of 4,300 mAh. But it should be noted that a considerable quantity remains if we consider the Velvet form-factor, thin and light.

The processor and we have known this for a long time and for sure, will be the Snapdragon 765: not the top range of Qualcomm, but still a robust solution, capable of guaranteeing support for 5G .

Velvet will mark, LG specified, the company’s entry into a new era. And it might seem strange, at first, to interpret these intentions when compared with the technical data sheet of a well-equipped device, but certainly not at the top. But this is precisely the strength of LG Velvet: not being an absolute top of the range. Which must translate, and probably will result, in a much more accessible price than the competition (we are talking about figures ranging between 500 and 700 dollars)?

In short, the goal seems to put on the market a machine with reliable, though not excellent hardware, which however stands out for its clean design and above all for the thickness and portability that others dream of. All this without throwing away the work and efforts of the last few years: therefore the DualScreen accessory for the additional screen will return, and the support for the stylus will probably also be added.

Will this be the choice capable of relaunching LG in the smartphone market?



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