Maggie Restaurant and Rooftop Bar Takes Over Hôtel Rochechouart


Hôtel Rochechouart, a charming Parisian establishment within the Orso Hotels collection, unveils its exciting new signature restaurant and rooftop bar – Maggie. This vibrant addition to the Pigalle neighborhood pays homage to a historical figure while offering a fresh and contemporary dining experience.

Hôtel Rochechouart
Hôtel Rochechouart

A Nod to the Past, A Look to the Future: Inspiration Behind Maggie

The name “Maggie” draws inspiration from Marguerite de Rochechouart, a revered figure who oversaw the Montmartre convent in the early 18th century. While Marguerite embodied order and moderation, Maggie reflects a spirit of vibrancy and a touch of delightful “madness.” This playful contrast sets the stage for the restaurant’s lively atmosphere and innovative culinary approach.

Unveiling Maggie: A Multi-Sensory Experience

Maggie offers a multifaceted experience, catering to various dining preferences. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits guests:

Maggie Restaurant: Opened in April 2024 for dinner service, Maggie Restaurant has expanded its offerings to include lunch starting May 21st, 2024. The restaurant boasts a chic yet relaxed ambiance, perfect for both locals and visitors seeking a delightful Parisian dining experience.

Maggie Rooftop: Open seasonally between April and October, Maggie Rooftop provides a haven for those seeking stunning Parisian vistas and a vibrant atmosphere. Signature cocktails and tapas-style food create a perfect setting for socializing and enjoying the breathtaking views.

The Culinary Delights: A Menu that Breaks the Mold

The culinary mastermind behind Maggie’s menu is Chef Emine Jaidene. Working under the creative direction of the Room Service team, Chef Jaidene has crafted a menu that deviates from the traditional Parisian brasserie fare. Expect innovative dishes with a hint of New York energy, showcasing exciting flavors with a global influence.

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A Feast for the Senses: From Cocktails to Desserts

The dining experience at Maggie begins with a well-established Parisian ritual – the art of sipping. Signature cocktails, alongside fresh seafood sourced from the neighboring Citrons & Huîtres, set the tone for a delightful culinary journey.

The menu revolves around a series of sharing plates, encouraging a social dining experience. Guests can indulge in small Basque squid, merguez sausage with Taggiasca olives, finger fish with a touch of lime mayo, and a decadent “bikini” croque monsieur.

For main courses, Maggie offers unique interpretations of classic dishes. Breton lobster paired with homemade fries, thyme-flambéed sea bream, and a vegetarian-friendly gratinéed spelled with carrot and Mimolette cheese showcases the restaurant’s culinary creativity.

No Parisian dining experience is complete without a touch of nostalgia. Maggie’s dessert menu features a delightful selection of classic treats, including a banana split, grandma-style rice pudding, and decadent chocolate mousse served with homemade Langues de Chat biscuits. For those seeking a taste of tradition, the signature crêpe cake remains a crowd favorite.

Ending on a High Note: Digestifs and Entertainment

Maggie ensures a memorable dining experience from start to finish. After indulging in the delectable food, guests are presented with a selection of fine desserts, adding a luxurious touch to the culinary journey.

The lively spirit of Maggie extends beyond the food. A carefully curated funk and disco playlist provides a vibrant backdrop throughout the dining experience. During the summer months, the restaurant’s terrace allows guests to enjoy the outdoor ambiance while enjoying the delicious food and captivating atmosphere.

Weekend Celebrations: DJs and Late-Night Revelry

To celebrate the weekend, Maggie comes alive with DJ sets on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm onwards. This provides a seamless transition into Le Mikado, the hotel’s basement lounge which remains open until 3 am, offering an after-dinner haven for those seeking to extend their Parisian evening.

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Maggie: A Parisian Gem Awaits

Maggie Restaurant and Rooftop Bar promises a unique and captivating experience for visitors to Paris. From the innovative menu to the vibrant atmosphere and stunning rooftop views, Maggie offers something for everyone. Whether seeking a delicious meal, a refreshing cocktail on the rooftop, or an evening of music and socializing, Maggie is poised to become a new Parisian favorite.

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