Mahindra XUV400 vs Tata Nexon EV: June 2024 Waiting Period Comparison


The Indian electric vehicle (EV) market is experiencing significant growth, with a surge in demand for electric SUVs. Two of the most popular options in this segment are the Tata Nexon EV and the Mahindra XUV400 EV. Both offer a compelling combination of performance, practicality, and eco-friendly credentials. However, if you’re considering purchasing one of these electric SUVs, you might encounter a waiting period before you can drive it off the lot. This article delves into the current wait times for the Tata Nexon EV and Mahindra XUV400 EV in major Indian cities for June 2024.

Mahindra XUV400 vs Tata Nexon EV

City-Wise Breakdown of Waiting Times (June 2024)

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the estimated waiting periods for both electric SUVs across the top 20 cities in India:

CityTata Nexon EVMahindra XUV400 EV
New Delhi2-3 Months3 Months
Bengaluru3 Months3 Months
Mumbai2 Months3 Months
Hyderabad2 Months3-4 Months
Pune2 Months2-4 Months
Chennai2.5 Months3 Months
Jaipur2-3 Months3 Months
Ahmedabad2 Months3-4 Months
Gurugram2-2.5 Months3-4 Months
Lucknow2-3 Months3-4 Months
Kolkata2-3 Months2-4 Months
Thane2 Months3 Months
Surat2-2.5 Months2-4 Months
Ghaziabad2 Months3 Months
Chandigarh2 Months3-4 Months
Coimbatore2-3 Months2-2.5 Months
Patna2 Months3 Months
Faridabad2-3 Months3-4 Months
Indore2 Months2-4 Months
Noida2-3 Months3 Months

Important Note: It’s crucial to remember that these are estimated waiting times and can vary based on several factors. These factors include:

  • Variant and Color Selection: The specific variant (battery pack size, trim level) and color combination you choose can impact the wait time. Less popular variants or colors might be readily available, while those in high demand may require a longer wait.
  • Dealer Inventory: The current stock level at your nearest dealership can significantly influence the wait time. If your preferred variant and color combination are in stock, you might be able to take delivery quickly. However, if they need to be ordered from the factory, a waiting period becomes more likely.
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Understanding the Reasons for Waiting Times

Several factors contribute to the waiting times for both the Tata Nexon EV and Mahindra XUV400 EV. Here’s a closer look at some key reasons:

  • High Demand: Both SUVs enjoy significant popularity in the Indian EV market. With a growing number of potential buyers, demand often outpaces supply, leading to waiting periods.
  • Production Capacity: Manufacturing limitations can play a role. If a car manufacturer’s production capacity doesn’t meet the current demand level, it can result in longer wait times.
  • Supply Chain Issues: Global supply chain disruptions are a continuing challenge across all industries, including automotive manufacturing. Difficulties in obtaining essential components can lead to production delays and extended wait times.

Tips for Minimizing Your Wait Time

While waiting periods are unavoidable for some car purchases, these tips might help you potentially shorten yours:

  • Be Flexible with Your Choices: Consider being open to different variants or color options besides your top choices. Less popular variants or colors might be readily available, allowing you to take delivery sooner.
  • Talk to Multiple Dealers: Contacting different dealerships in your area can provide valuable insights. Some dealerships might have a better stock of your preferred variant and color combination, potentially reducing your wait time.
  • Express Your Interest Early: If you’ve set your sights on a specific variant and color combination, express your interest with your preferred dealership early on. This can help them prioritize your order when production slots become available.


Q: Why is there a waiting period for the Tata Nexon EV and Mahindra XUV400 EV?

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A: Several factors contribute to the waiting times, including high demand, production capacity limitations, and potential supply chain disruptions.

Q: How can I find out the exact waiting time for my preferred variant and color combination?

A: The best way to determine the exact waiting time is to contact your nearest Tata or Mahindra dealership. They can provide you with the most up-to-date information based on their current inventory and expected production schedules.

Q: Are there any alternatives to the Tata Nexon EV and Mahindra XUV400 EV if I don’t want to wait?

A: Depending on your budget and preferences, you might consider other electric SUVs available in the Indian market. However, it’s important to note that many electric vehicles currently experience some level of waiting period due to the high demand.