Major News Outlets Urge Trump and Biden to Commit to Election Debates


As the 2024 presidential election approaches, major news organizations, including NBC, CNN, and Fox News, are calling on both President Trump and President Biden to commit to participating in general election debates. The joint statement emphasizes the importance of these debates in shaping the future of the nation and urges the candidates to engage in this essential democratic tradition.

The Call for Debate Participation:

A coalition of leading broadcast and cable news networks, along with major wire, print, and radio organizations, issued a joint statement urging the presidential candidates to publicly commit to participating in general election debates. The statement highlights the irreplaceable role of debates in allowing candidates to present their visions for the country directly to the American people.

Major News Outlets Urge Trump
Major News Outlets Urge Trump

Signatories and Support:

The joint statement is endorsed by a diverse group of news outlets, including ABC News, The Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, and FOX News Media, among others. The wide-ranging support underscores the bipartisan nature of the call for debate participation and reflects the shared belief in the importance of this democratic tradition.

Historical Context and Tradition:

Debates have long been a cornerstone of American democracy, with a rich tradition dating back to 1976. The statement emphasizes the significant role that debates have played in past elections, drawing millions of viewers and facilitating a competition of ideas for the electorate’s votes.

Trump and Biden’s Stance:

Former President Trump, now the presumptive Republican nominee for 2024, has expressed eagerness to debate President Biden. However, Biden’s campaign remains undecided on their commitment to debates, with the president citing concerns about Trump’s behavior as a determining factor.

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The Role of the Commission on Presidential Debates:

The nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates has sponsored all presidential general election debates since 1988. While the Commission has announced dates, times, and eligibility criteria for the 2024 debates, invitations have yet to be extended to candidates. The statement urges candidates to publicly support and commit to participating in the Commission’s debates.

Message of Unity and Importance:

Amidst a polarized political climate, the joint statement concludes with a message of unity, emphasizing the high stakes of the 2024 election. It underscores that there is no substitute for candidates debating directly with each other and presenting their visions to the American people, highlighting the critical role of debates in shaping the nation’s future.

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