Marut Drones Earns Pioneering DGCA Certification for Dual-Purpose AG-365S Drone

Marut Drones Earns Pioneering DGCA Certification for Dual-Purpose AG-365S Drone

Marut Drones, a trailblazer in India’s drone manufacturing sector, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone. The company’s AG-365S drone has received DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) Type Certification, making it the first drone approved for both agricultural and RPTO (Remote Pilot Training Organization) training applications. This certification paves the way for a transformative impact on Indian agriculture.

Marut Drones
Marut Drones

DGCA’s Rigorous Certification Process

What Does DGCA Certification Mean?

The DGCA certification is a seal of quality and safety, awarded after a stringent testing process. Drones must undergo a series of material, environmental, and operational tests in NABL-accredited labs to earn this certification. According to UAS Rules-2021, only drones with UIN numbers are permitted to operate in Indian airspace.

The AG-365S: A Game-Changer for Indian Agriculture

Features and Benefits

The AG-365S drone is compact but powerful, boasting a 22-minute flight endurance. It comes equipped with advanced obstacle and terrain sensors, making it ideal for challenging landscapes. The drone can be used for pesticide spraying, granular spreading, and RPTO training, offering a high return on investment.

Financial Incentives

Owners of the AG-365S model are eligible for ₹10 lakh unsecured loans from the Agri Infrastructure Fund at a minimal interest rate of 5-6%. Comprehensive insurance coverage adds an extra layer of security.

Social Impact and Job Creation

A Word from the Founder

Prem Kumar Vislawath, the founder of Marut Drones, emphasized the drone’s potential to replace hazardous manual spraying methods. He also highlighted the creation of new job opportunities in rural areas, where drone entrepreneurs can earn between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 90,000.

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FAQs on AG-365S drones

What is the AG-365S drone used for?

The AG-365S drone is versatile and can be used for agricultural spraying, granular spreading, and RPTO training.

How does DGCA certification affect the AG-365S drone?

The certification allows the drone to legally operate in India and assures users of its quality and safety.

What financial benefits are available for AG-365S owners?

Owners can avail themselves of ₹10 lakh unsecured loans at a minimal interest rate and are also covered by comprehensive insurance.


Marut Drones is setting the standard for drone technology in India, with its AG-365S model leading the way. The DGCA certification marks a significant step forward, not just for the company but for the future of Indian agriculture and drone training.

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