Matt Cutts predicted how the search will work in 2020, 10 years ago


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:09 pm

In April 2010, the former head of the team to fight Google’s webspam Matt Cutts (Matt Cutts) has told how he sees the future of search in 10 years.

Matt Cutts
Matt Cutts

The video from this mini-interview was noticed by Google employee John Muller. He wrote about this on Twitter:

When asked about future searches, Matt Cutts noted the following:

  • He is not sure if there will be any “brain add-ons” in the search.

Indeed, despite Google’s attempts to develop projects such as Google Glass, there have not been any significant progress in this direction yet.

  • We will have devices that will be with us all the time – such as mobile phones.

It also turned out to be true – we have smartphones at hand.

  • The cloud will store more user information.

And this is true.

  • Search personalization will be more important. Search engines will know more about what the user likes and dislikes, and relevance will be based on this. Search results will also be affected by location and previous clicks.

This point also turned out to be true, but partially. At that time, it was assumed that personalization will play a big role in the future, but in fact, everything did not work out quite as expected.

Recall that Matt Cutts finally left Google in 2017. Cutts’ new job was the US Department of Defense Defense Digital Service, where he took over as CTO.

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