Meizu 17 got Samsung screen with embedded camera


Meizu 17 and Meizu 17 Pro will be presented on May 8

A new day, and a new teaser picture revealing the features of the flagship Meizu 17. This time, marketers paid attention to the screen. Reportedly, the smartphone received a Samsung AMOLED matrix with a built-in front camera in the corner. Also mentioned is the protection of users’ eyes from harmful blue light. Earlier it was said that the frame frequency of the screen will be 90 Hz, but the small size of the embedded camera is so easy to evaluate by rendering.

Meizu 17
Meizu 17

Meizu 17 got the Samsung screen with embedded camera

Recall, the premiere of Meizu 17 and Meizu 17 Pro will be held on May 8. It is already known for certain that smartphones received stereo speakers, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 single-chip platform and UFS 3.1 fast memory, 4500 mAh batteries, and 30 W fast charging (the kit will include the corresponding gallium nitride chargers ).



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