Next-Generation Next-Generation Most Powerful Nvidia GPU Shines Online


As part of the DGX A100

In less than two weeks, Nvidia should reveal the first details about Ampere architecture, which will form the basis of the new GeForce graphics cards. Recall that the latest data indicate that the corresponding GPUs will be produced using the 7 nm process technology.

Nvidia GPU
Nvidia GPU

Next-Generation Next-Generation Most Powerful Nvidia GPU Shines Online

The video cards themselves are expected to be presented sometime in the middle of summer and will enter the market in late summer or fall. Despite the fact that all these events are already very close, there are not so many distinct leaks or rumors about Ampere.

It is even more interesting today to look not at the next rumor, but at quite official data. The Nvidia registered trademark DGX A100 appeared in the Justia database, which clearly refers to the Ampere generation.

DGX is a special kind of specialized Nvidia installations that rely on the power of GPUs. The current generation – DGX-2 – is based on Tesla V100 adapters. Judging by the name, the DGX A100 model will be based on Tesla accelerators with the GA100 GPU – the newest top-end GPU that is unlikely to go to consumer devices.

About the configuration of the DGX A100, which is likely to just replace the DGX-2, so far we can only guess, but the latter has 16 Tesla V100 3D cards at once.



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