Metal Gear’s official Twitter has hinted at an imminent announcement


Metal Gear’s official Twitter has hinted at an imminent announcement

Users of the ResetEra forum saw in the recent activity of the official microblogging of the stealth-action series Metal Gear a hint of an imminent announcement associated with the illustrious franchise.

Metal Gear
Metal Gear

The story began from afar: On April 9, a certain Tom Olsen signed up on Twitter, claiming to be a maintenance technician for Big Shell, a marine refinery from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

Since then, Olsen has shared his thoughts on working at Big Shell and observations from there with his subscribers. For example, on April 12, a technician reported that he had not found anyone in the computer lab and explained this by ” scrum meetings or something

The official Metal Gear microblogging, on behalf of the boss, advised Olsen to use the codec (radio) to stay informed about all meetings and possible intrusions and reminded them of the imminent arrival of “guests.”

“Guests are arriving next week, so finish cleaning the ventilation and make sure all the flags are properly posted, but this time don’t touch the C4 (explosives – approx.),” The officer was instructed.

It is also worth noting Olsen’s Twitter subscriptions to the New York Mets baseball team (the technician himself is also supposedly from New York), Metal Gear, its publisher Konami and creator Hideo Kojima.

Whether Konami is really preparing a Metal Gear-related announcement or just trying to entertain fans is unknown. The last release in the series is the mediocre survival simulator Metal Gear Survive, released in 2018.

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