Microsoft announced Visual Studio 2022


Microsoft announced Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft has announced a new version of Visual Studio 2022, with a stable release coming in the second half of this year. Judging by the post published by the company in the official blog, the updated package of development tools and application lifecycle management will receive many interesting features.


“ The next major release of Visual Studio will be faster, more affordable, and easier for both learners and industrial-scale developers. For the first time in history, Visual Studio will be 64-bit. The user interface will be cleaner, smarter, and more action-oriented, ”said Amanda Silver, vice president of product development for Microsoft.

The developers are preparing a fairly large number of innovations. First of all, it should be noted that Visual Studio 2022 will become a 64-bit application so that the main process will use more than 4 GB of RAM. The development environment will allow you to launch and edit even the most voluminous and complex solutions without facing a lack of memory. Despite this change, the ability to develop 32-bit applications is not going anywhere.

Visual Studio 2022 will also receive an updated user interface. The developers have added “subtle cosmetic touches,” thanks to which the work environment has become more modern. There is a desire to reduce the complexity of the interface and the cognitive load in general so that it is easier for users to focus on completing the assigned tasks. The app will receive new icons, a fixed-width Cascadia Code font for better readability, themes, and more.

Visual Studio 2022 simplifies the process of customizing the IDE to meet the needs of the developer. This will increase the level of productivity when working with the platform. It will also make it easier for developers to create cloud applications based on Azure. There will be full support for .NET 6 and a unified platform for web, client, and mobile applications for developers on Windows and macOS platforms.

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Visual Studio 2022 will receive C ++ support with new performance features. Developers also integrate CMake, Linux, and WSL support to make it easier to create, edit, build and debug cross-platform applications. Debugging your products will be made easier with new tools, including those designed to improve performance in the main debugger.

For a complete list of major changes, visit the official Microsoft Developer Blog.


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