Microsoft Store more than halves commission on PC game sales


Microsoft Store more than halves commission on PC game sales

Microsoft has announced a significant reduction in the fees it will receive from games in the Microsoft Store for PCs. Starting August 1, the software giant will reduce its share of project sales rewards from 30% to 12% to attract developers’ attention to its store.

Microsoft  store
Microsoft store

“As part of our drive to empower every PC game creator, we are increasing the developer share of net Microsoft Store revenue from 70% to 88% starting August 1,” said Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios. ” A net, unlimited revenue share means that developers can deliver more games to a huge number of users and increase their commercial success

These changes will affect only PC games – from each sold copy of the project for Xbox consoles; the corporation still retains 30%. This is likely because the business model of the console market is completely different from the business model of the PC.

With this move, Microsoft will put a lot of pressure on Valve. The decline in corporate revenue share is in line with Epic Games, which offers developers and publishers better terms on the Epic Games Store than Steam. Valve still gets a 30% share of sales, which drops to 25% when sales reach $ 10 million and 20% after $ 50 million.

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