MLS teams prove to be tougher opponents than many Liga MX players might initially believe


MLS teams prove to be tougher opponents than many Liga MX players might initially believe. The reality is that only four franchises in Mexico truly stand a fighting chance against them

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The Leagues Cup tournament is now in full swing, and the clash between MLS and Liga MX teams is proving to be quite complicated for the Mexican sides. Out of the 18 teams participating, it appears that only four have a strong chance of advancing to the next round.

César Delgado, a former Cruz Azul striker, expressed his disappointment with Liga MX’s performance in the tournament. He pointed out that the league’s approach seems to be misplaced when facing MLS teams. According to Delgado, the tournament is often viewed as a cash-grab opportunity for Mexican clubs rather than an opportunity to elevate the league’s level through competition with South American teams.

Adding to the concerns, Mexico’s recent World Cup performance was sub-par, as they failed to advance past the group stage for the first time in decades. Many believe that lacking regular competition with South American powerhouses like Brazil and Argentina is affecting the overall quality of the game in Mexico.

Currently, only four out of the 18 teams in the Leagues Cup have a clear path to the second round. Pachuca, as the champion of the Apertura 2022, secured a direct ticket to the next round. On the other hand, América, León, and one more team managed to qualify for the knockout stage.

Amidst the challenges faced in the Leagues Cup, César Delgado believes that Mexico should also consider participating in other tournaments, such as the Libertadores or other South American competitions. He believes that Mexico boasts a highly competitive level and would benefit from facing stronger opposition in these tournaments.

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