Monopoly Film Advances with Lionsgate and Hasbro


Monopoly Film Advances with Lionsgate and Hasbro

Since the tremendous success of “Transformers” in 2006, Hasbro, the renowned toy and entertainment company, has been actively exploring opportunities to adapt its beloved properties into feature films. Following the popularity of “Transformers,” they tried their hand at bringing another iconic toy line and animated series to the big screen – G.I. Joe. While G.I. Joe’s box office results were not as anticipated, Hasbro persevered, and now, with the release of the seventh entry in the “Transformers” film series, they are venturing into new cinematic territory, including the iconic doll franchise, Barbie. Now, in a strategic move, Hasbro is setting its sights on developing a Monopoly film adaptation, aiming to capitalize on the massive success of the board game.

Monopoly movie
Monopoly movie

The Lionsgate Acquisition and eOne’s Role:

Variety recently reported that the acquisition of Entertainment One (eOne) by Lionsgate has sparked a wave of new possibilities for Hasbro’s film projects. eOne, a film and TV operation under Hasbro, is now delving into the development of various titles for potential film adaptations, with Monopoly being one of the long-desired properties to hit the silver screen. Hasbro’s CEO, Chris Cocks, expressed his satisfaction with the deal, stating that it aligns well with their strategic approach. He looks forward to collaborating with Lionsgate, especially in bringing the classic board game to life in a captivating movie experience.

A Promising Investment:

Hasbro’s commitment to entertainment remains steadfast. Despite the sale of eOne assets, Hasbro is dedicated to developing and producing entertainment based on its vast array of beloved brands. Beyond the existing successes with “Transformers,” “G.I. Joe,” and other iconic titles, they are keen on exploring new original concepts to fuel various aspects of their business blueprint, including toys, publishing, gaming, licensed consumer products, and location-based entertainment. While embracing a more asset-lite model for future live-action ventures, Hasbro plans to leverage licensing and strategic partnerships to maximize the potential of their properties.

Preserving Iconic Brands:

As part of the sale agreement, certain titles, including “Peppa Pig,” “Transformers,” “Dungeons & Dragons,” “Magic: The Gathering,” “My Little Pony,” “Power Rangers,” “Play-Doh,” “Monopoly,” and “Clue,” will continue to receive significant support for development, production, and financing across various media formats, such as film, TV, animation, and digital shorts. By integrating these properties into Hasbro’s brands licensing and merchandising operation, the company ensures the preservation and expansion of their iconic franchises.

Hasbro’s strategic move to explore the film adaptation of “Monopoly” marks yet another milestone in their journey to bring beloved toys and characters to life on the big screen. With the acquisition of Entertainment One by Lionsgate, exciting opportunities await, not only for Monopoly but also for a range of potential film projects. Hasbro’s unwavering commitment to entertainment, combined with strategic partnerships and licensing, will undoubtedly yield captivating cinematic experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide. As we eagerly anticipate the announcement of the Monopoly film’s development, fans can be assured that Hasbro’s iconic brands will continue to thrive in the realms of entertainment, gaming, and beyond.

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