Moscow metro launches fare payment with face recognition, Face ID even works with a mask


The system is currently being tested on Deptrans employees

In 2021, Moscow will start using a new payment system for metro fares – using face recognition. The head of the Department of Transport and Development of Road and Transport Infrastructure Liksutov Maxim told the journalists about this. 

Moscow metro
Moscow metro

Moscow metro launches fare payment with face recognition; Face ID even works with a mask

As Liksutov noted, the system is already being tested on the department’s employees in cooperation with two large Russian banks. He also explained that the Moscow metro is responsible for the infrastructure related to biometrics, and personal payment data is stored in banks. Moreover, the existing system allows the recognition of masked faces.

Liksutov said: 

All the turnstiles of the metro and the Moscow Central Circle (Moscow Central Circle) already have cameras that recognize faces. Our system will allow for face recognition, and if you are connected to a bank card with your biometric data, you will pass with an open turnstile. ” 



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