Most relevant features and news of Windows 11


Let’s find out about the new features of Windows 11, so that we can get to know it closely before installing or updating.

Windows 11
Windows 11

Windows 11 brings with it many new features, both from a graphic point of view and from the point of view of features and services. For users still skeptical in the transition to the new operating system (especially those who are still very well with Windows 10) it can be an excellent food for thought to analyze the most striking news, so as to evaluate whether to switch their computer to Windows 11 or still keep the old operating system.

In the following guide, we will show you in detail all the functions and news of Windows 11 , so that you can start a good comparison with the operating system in use at the moment or compare the functions of the system with its direct competitorsChrome OS from Google and macOS from Apple).

If we have not yet updated or downloaded Windows 11 we can do it directly from the official Microsoft website, so as to be sure to use only original and unmodified copies.

New taskbar

The most obvious novelty is undoubtedly the new taskbar, which shows the Start menu and the other app icons in the centre, in contrast with the system in use so far (with the icons to the left of the bar).

This system actually mimics Apple’s Dock bar and brings icons closer to the windows of programs in use (which are usually open in a central position). The additional icons on the bar will move the others as well until they occupy all the available space.

If we don’t like this new orientation, we can always go back to the icons on the left, with a simple change to the bar settings.

New Start menu

Even the Start menu has undergone a profound restyling, with the disappearance of live tiles (inherited from Windows 8.1 and now out of fashion) and compaction that makes the menu much easier and more comfortable to see and manage.

We can access the recommended applications at the bottom, add or remove favourite applications at the top and quickly access all apps using the integrated search bar or by pressing the All apps button. The ability to customize the icons next to the shutdown key is really interesting, so you can have the most used Windows functions and menus at your fingertips.

New system icons

Another important change from a graphic point of view is the system icons, present on the right side of the taskbar. Compared to Windows 10 we find much more compact icons and, by pressing on them, the quick options window will open, which in fact replaces the old sidebar (also called the notification bar) that was possible to use on Windows 10 for quick actions and to read notifications and alerts.

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This window can also be customized by adding or removing some quick commands: to make the change just press the pencil-shaped button.

Widget menu

The live tiles of Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 have not completely disappeared, but they have become widgets present in a dedicated screen, all we have to do is press the Widget button on the taskbar.

Widgets can show the weather, the latest news in Italy and around the world, appointments on the calendar and it is also possible to create a quick list of things to do, follow the progress of stocks on the stock exchange and other useful tools for those who work or for those looking for new information quickly.

If we don’t like the new screen, we can always customize it by adding or removing widgets or, for those who really can’t stand it, it can also be removed completely (from the taskbar settings).

Integrated chat and video call

Among the predefined apps in the application bar, we also find Chat, which with a simple click allows you to use a personal account to chat, make voice calls or video calls with your friends, family and other contacts.

The chat is based on Microsoft Teams , the communication platform provided by Microsoft to quickly connect friends and family, as well as being a useful tool for creating a new company or school video calls on the fly.

New settings menu

The settings menu is also profoundly different from the same menu seen on Windows 10, with all the various sections moved to the left side of the window (tablet-style or, better still, iPad-style).

Many sections and submenus have been compressed and it is, therefore, necessary to press at least two or three more times to get to the same screen we were used to on Windows 10; Fortunately, you can always use the search bar at the top left, so as to quickly search for the option or setting needed to configure Windows 11.

New file explorer

Even the file manager has undergone a nice graphic restyling, with new icons and a compact menu that makes everything much easier to find when we work or are using the PC to study from home.

All the main commands are present in the upper part of the window, with the possibility of accessing other options by pressing the button with the three dots or immediately create new files, pressing the New button and choosing the type of file to create.

Custom window sizes

By placing the mouse on the maximize button of each window, it is possible to display new options for magnification, so as to be able to place the window in a specific portion of the screen. By repeating the steps for two or more programs we will be able to fill the screen with the apps and windows we need to work, effectively increasing productivity especially on very large screens (over 24 inches).

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If we care a lot about the graphics of our operating system we will have an entire Settings menu available to customize everything in Windows 11. We can change the default theme, choose whether to change the colour of the windows or the taskbar (or both) according to the time (activating the night mode only at night, like on Macs), choose a new wallpaper for each virtual desktop and change the taskbar and Start menu settings.

We remind you that, in order to access the changes related to the graphic appearance of Windows 11, it is necessary to log in with a Windows account and have an active license installed on the system.

Microsoft Store

Even the Microsoft Store has undergone a profound graphic renewal, with the icons of the categories present in the left part of the window and a greater emphasis on the apps and content most downloaded by users.

With this new evolution, it is possible to install all the most important apps without having to manually download them from the Internet, so as to always have them updated and avoid downloading bogus executable files or full of viruses.

New productivity features

Windows 11 is full of little goodies for those who work on the PC, such as the Productive Sessions integrated into the Clock app. With them, we can make the most of our concentration at work by indicating the working time of the session (from half an hour to 4 hours), so as to automatically program the necessary concentration breaks.

For example, by setting 240 minutes (4 hours) we can work non-stop for 22 minutes, interspersed with a 5-minute break, so as to always keep concentration high and tireless during the morning or afternoon shift. Those who work 8 hours, a day can use this app to create two sessions of 4 hours each, so as to work the actual time for which you are paid.


Windows 11 brings everything good we have seen about Windows 10 in recent years to the highest level: the new system is in fact more beautiful, faster and also more comfortable to use for work or study.

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