Mozilla is working on a new look for the Firefox browser


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:44 pm

Mozilla is working on a new look for the Firefox browser

It became known that the developers from Mozilla are planning to update the interface of their own Firefox web browser. The changes will affect many browser elements, including the address bar, tab bar, main and context menus. If the developers’ plans are not broken, the new interface will appear along with Firefox 89, scheduled to launch on May 18.


According to reports, the developers will change the style of tabs and tooltips, which will display thumbnails of web pages and formatted text. Sets of tabs will be grouped and displayed on the corresponding panel as a separate widget.

Also reported is the development of a compact model in which the list of tabs will be placed on the side, thereby saving vertical space. The developers intend to simplify the context menus of the content area, panels and tabs, which will hide rarely used items by default.

Also reported are the redesigned modal dialogues with warnings, requests and confirmations. Their design will be unified with the rest of the dialogues, and the implementation will be transferred from the TabModalPrompt handler to the SubDialog. The dialogues themselves will be centred vertically, and their contents will be displayed on top.

In the test versions of Firefox, the “browser.proton.enabled” parameter has already appeared on the tab with the settings, which does not work yet, but will be used to activate the new design in the future. It is expected to begin testing it in beta versions of Firefox this March. At the moment, you can judge about the upcoming changes by the layouts that were published by the developers.

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