New details of the Fortnite trial: iOS version brought in only 7% of revenue


New details of the Fortnite trial: iOS version brought in only 7% of revenue

Documents released as part of the Epic Games v Apple trial on May 3 revealed that the largest share of Fortnite revenue came from PlayStation 4 users between March 2018 and July 2020 – well before the iOS version of the game was removed from App Store.


The docs, reported by The Verge, say Fortnite on PlayStation 4 contributed 46.8% of the game’s total revenue in the 17 months to July 2020. The Xbox One with 27.5% follows it. iOS ranked fifth (just 7% of total revenue). And the remaining 18.7% is split between Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

IOS revenue is expected to be just 5.8% of the total for the full year of 2020. This is the opinion of Epic Games programmer David Nikdel, who gave testimony on the topic. He said that the iOS version of Fortnite has always generated the lowest revenue outside of Android.

It was previously reported that Fortnite on iOS generated over $ 700 million in revenue two years before the game was removed from the App Store.

As a reminder, Epic Games’ antitrust lawsuit against the iPhone maker was filed in August 2020 after a Fortnite developer decided to bypass Apple platform fees with its direct payment option, which resulted in the game being removed from the App Store.

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