New LG refrigerators can be opened by voice


Last updated on August 5th, 2023 at 06:14 pm

At the same time, your hands will remain free.

Voice-activated refrigerators are already a reality, but LG can make them especially convenient. The South Korean giant has unveiled the 2021 InstaView refrigerator line that can open its door with a voice command. This can be useful when the user is busy with their hands or for some reason does not want to touch the door handle.

LG refrigerators

New LG refrigerators can be opened by voice

Of course, the list of voice commands is not limited to the door opening command. The user will “have something to talk about” with the refrigerator: from checking if there are ice and chilled water in dispensers, to tasks to replenish food stocks using Amazon Dash service or questions about the schedule of the day. The new models also add the function of disinfection of dispensers using ultraviolet radiation.

The timing of the start of sales and prices are still unknown.

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