New screenshots of Atomic Heart: golden pigs, heads in flasks and a robot “Belyash”


New screenshots of Atomic Heart: golden pigs, heads in flasks and a robot “Belyash”

Russian studio Mundfish has updated its official website and published a series of fresh screenshots of the first-person shooter Atomic Heart. They demonstrate locations, the “Beach” robot, a battle with enemies, and some strange processes.

Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart

Separate pictures show robots at work. Some of them serve food in a restaurant; others transport golden pigs somewhere. The image with human heads in flasks, to which gas cylinders are connected, looks no less strange.

Some of the screenshots are devoted to the locations where the events of Atomic Heart will unfold. In several pictures, you can see beautiful landscapes around the Pavlov scientific complex. Inside this structure, there are rooms with people in the air, many control panels, and monitors.

And a few more images show the Belyash robot, which the developers have already demonstrated earlier. Now the creators showed its internal mechanisms and focused on the limbs.



Atomic Heart will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S. No release date has been announced. More screenshots and background of the game can be found at the link.

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