New trade ban: US government blacklisted DJI

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Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:41 pm

Chinese drone giant DJI is blacklisted by the US government. This sets extensive sanctions in motion. DJI is just one of several well-known companies that are now subject to sanctions.

About a year ago, the US government itself stopped the use of Chinese drones by US ministries by decree. Now the incumbent US President Donald Trump goes further: He forbids “economic relations” with the drone manufacturer. US entrepreneurs are now no longer allowed to deliver technologies to DJI. This emerges from a report by the Reuters news agency.

DJIdrones Blacklisted
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Entity list

DJI – one of the largest and most well-known drone companies in the world – was placed on the US Department of Commerce’s entity list. This means that the Chinese company is classified as a national security risk. US companies are thus prohibited from exporting technologies to the company. This is the same process that the US government had already started with electronics giant Huawei.

The ban is primarily focused on blocking the export of U.S. technology to the drone maker. However, the ban will make it harder for US companies to supply parts or components that DJI can use in its drones, which is likely to disrupt the company’s supply chain. The ban is due to come into force shortly.

It remains to be seen how the Chinese officials will react to the ban and whether it will then also become difficult for US retailers to sell DJI products directly.

DJI is not the only known global company that has now been banned. This is also the case with the Chinese Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC). According to the US government, the chip manufacturer is said to have connections to the Chinese military and has therefore also landed on the blacklist.

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