New version of Microsoft Launcher for Android released


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:18 pm

The new version of Microsoft Launcher for Android released

Microsoft has released Launcher 6 for Android devices. In addition to the features already available, the software has received significant visual changes as well as improvements in overall performanceMicrosoft Launcher 6 brings users new customizable app icons, dark themes, daily wallpapers, landscape mode, and more.


The launcher has always been an interesting experiment for Microsoft, as it provided a kind of fulcrum on the world’s largest mobile platform. The latest update to the app seems to indicate that the software giant is setting the stage for Microsoft’s most ambitious Android project, the Surface Duo dual-screen smartphone.

With regard to the changes made, the emergence of a dark mode should be highlighted, which is very popular among users and is actively implemented by mobile application developers. The new version of Microsoft Launcher has a personalized news feed that automatically updates throughout the day and helps to stay updated on the latest events. The addition of support for landscape mode (Launcher can now work in landscape and portrait orientations) also indicates that Microsoft is close to launching Surface Duo, as for this smartphone the change of modes is most relevant.

Another innovation concerns the addition of support for custom icons that will help give the user interface of a smartphone a unique look. There is now support for daily changing wallpapers, which can be, for example, photos on a user’s device. Developers have improved application performance, now it runs faster, consumes energy more efficiently and consumes less memory.

Microsoft Launcher 6 is now available for download at the Play Store digital content store.

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