[New Year’s Offer] ATVEL G9 Cordless CPU Vacuum Cleaner


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:42 pm


[New Year’s Offer] ATVEL G9 Cordless CPU Vacuum Cleaner

Today it is difficult to surprise anyone with the high-tech stuffing of a smartphone or game console, but progress has also reached more mundane things, such as, for example, household vacuum cleanersThe G9 cordless vacuum cleaner from the American ATVEL brand is a prime example of this. In addition to a very decent “hardware”, this device can also boast of “intelligence”.

Atve G9 vaccum cleaner
Atve G9 vacuum cleaner

But let’s start with the hardware. Weighing only 1.6 kg, the vacuum cleaner has a power of 535 watts. It is powered by a miniature BLDC (Brushless DC electric motor) motor from the Japanese company Nidec, which is known for having the largest global market share in hard disk drives. Since 2010, the company has been producing general-purpose engines. Unlike conventional motors, BLDCs are digitally controlled and feature high efficiency, power density and durability. Therefore, today they are used not only in hard disk drives but also in modern household appliances.

It might seem like 535 watts is not much for a vacuum cleaner, but the excellent aerodynamic design of the device turns this power into 175 watts of airflow (~ 32% efficiency). Also, additional cleaning efficiency is provided by electric brushes, of which there are two at once. This is a patented development of the company, the essence of which is a combination of two types of brushes. The round roller easily picks up large debris that is difficult to lift off the floor with just the force of the airflow, and the bristled brush is ideal for combing hair and pet hair from carpets. As a result, we have a nozzle that is equally effective for different fractions of debris and on different surfaces.

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Air filtration takes place in 5 stages. In addition to conical multi cyclones, the vacuum cleaner also has two HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters with efficiency classes 10 and 12. This allows achieving record efficiency – the retention of 99.996% of particles up to 0.3 microns in size.

The engine is powered by a 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery based on Samsung 18650 cells without memory effect, which provide more than 800 charge-discharge cycles up to 70% of the original capacity.

And the highlight on the cake for this device is the processor control. In addition to monitoring battery charging, the processor is able to determine the load and adjust the engine power depending on it. That is, at any given time, the vacuum cleaner uses exactly as much energy as required. This makes it possible to forget about switching modes and comfortably clean up to 60 minutes on a single charge. Also, the developers have not forgotten about security. In case of clogging, loss of tightness of the system or overfilling of the waste container, the processor will stop working and display a corresponding message on the OLED screen. In short, spoiling a vacuum cleaner won’t be easy.

To summarize, the technological filling and high-quality elements make this vacuum cleaner worthy of the role of the main cleaner of a modern home. The reliability of the battery and protection systems will allow you to forget about breakdowns for a long time, and the processor control will make cleaning simple and easy.

The price of ATVEL G9 is $402.47*

* During the New Year period there is a 25% discount.


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