Next-gen Apple Pencil captured in photos – credited with new advanced features


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:51 pm

Next-gen Apple Pencil captured in photos – credited with new advanced features

An image appeared on the web today, presumably showing the third-generation Apple Pencil digital pen. The device resembles the current model with its dimensions and design. However, it has several noticeable differences.

Apple pen
Apple pen3

It is assumed that the new Apple Pencil will receive dimensions similar to the current model of the second generation and will also be charged by attaching to the iPad’s side. Nevertheless, judging by the photo, the new stylus will receive a glossy surface of the body, like the first-generation Apple Pencil.

The second notable difference is the design of the replacement tip. Compared to the previous two Apple Pencils, the new stylus’ tip will increase in size and get a much longer section that fits inside the body. It is unclear what the practical purpose of such an innovation is, but there are suggestions that this design is due to a change in the stylus’s internal layout.

MacRumors suggests that the design change may be due to the addition of new features. For example, in July last year, Apple applied for a patent for a new stylus tip that will allow the device to capture colors from the real world thanks to a dedicated sensor. A kind of eyedropper tool that can be used on real objects.

In any case, the Apple Pencil update will have little impact on the device’s design or ergonomics but will be focused primarily on its functionality. It is worth noting that the presentation of the new iPad Pro models is expected this month.

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