Is a Tesla autopilot better than the average driver? Company statistics indicate exactly this, but there is a catch


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:05 pm

However, the Tesla autopilot is getting better anyway

Tesla has published another report containing statistics regarding the autopilot function in the manufacturer’s vehicles. Tesla began publishing such reports in 2018, so we have the opportunity to compare the results.

Tesla autopilot
Tesla autopilot

Is a Tesla autopilot better than the average driver? Company statistics indicate exactly this, but there is a catch

So, according to Tesla, for the first quarter of 2020, the ratio of one accident per 7.5 million km was recorded among the owners of the company’s electric vehicles using autopilot. For those who ride without an autopilot, but with active safety features, the figure was one accident at 3.18 million km. The indicator among drivers who do not use all these systems amounted to one accident per 2.27 million km. For comparison, Tesla also cited NHTSA crash statistics in the United States: one accident for every 766,000 km.

First, you need to say that comparing the general statistics of road accidents in the country with Tesla statistics is not very correct. For example, drivers most often activate the autopilot function on the highway, wherein general, accidents occur less frequently.

However, it is completely correct to compare Tesla statistics with its own data from previous years. And here the company also has something to brag about. In particular, a year ago for drivers using autopilot, the same indicator was one accident per 4.6 million km, that is, over the year it grew by more than 60%, and this is impressive.  

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