Next Generation Volvo Cars Will Use Luminar Technology


Partners plan to launch Volvo’s first fully self-driving motorway system

Volvo Cars announced a partnership with Luminar, a lidar company. Under the agreement, Luminar lidar technology will be used in next-generation Volvo cars. Moreover, partners expect to release the first Volvo system for fully self-driving on motorways.

Volvo Automatic Self Driving Cars

The modular architecture of Volvo Cars of the new generation – SPA 2, at the hardware level prepared for the introduction of self-driving movement, will appear in 2022, with the Luminar lidar being built into the roof of the car.

SPA 2-based vehicles will support software updates over the air. If desired, the user will be able to activate the Highway Pilot function, which provides fully self-driving traffic on highways, as soon as its safety is confirmed for individual geographical locations and conditions.

In addition to the Highway Pilot features, Volvo Cars and Luminar are exploring the possibility of using lidars in driver assistance systems (ADAS) with the ability to equip all future SPA2-based vehicles with lidar as standard.

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