Thunderstorm smartphones gutted the iPhone SE. The vibration motor cannot be restored


You will need at least four different screwdrivers to parse

Zack Nelson, a well-known smartphone tester of strength, published a new video on his JerryRigEverything channel, in which he disassembled a new low-cost Apple smartphone – the second-generation iPhone SE. 

iPhone SE 2020
iPhone SE 2020

Thunderstorm smartphones gutted the iPhone SE. The vibration motor cannot be restored

Earlier, Nelson already tested the iPhone SE in its traditional way and the smartphone passed all the tests with dignity. Nelson aptly called the iPhone SE (2020) “electronic Frankenstein” with the iPhone 8 and the hardware platform of the latest Apple flagships. 

Inside, iPhone SE repeats much of the iPhone 8, and many of its components are interchangeable. In iPhone SE, you can even use the screen of the iPhone 8. The battery turned out to be a different connector, although it is absolutely the same in size and capacity. 

The iPhone SE turned out to be a “ton” of cogs of different sizes and shapes. To carefully disassemble it, you will need at least four different screwdrivers. 

Nelson paid special attention to the function of Haptic Touch. Yes, the one that caused the recent scandal and some user frustration. In iPhone 8, instead of Haptic Touch, 3D Touch is used, which allows you to recognize the pressure. 

The Haptic Touch gesture is used for context menus and quick actions. Taptic Engine vibrator is responsible for tactile feedback. Nelson went deeper into the study of the Vibro motor so that it could not be restored. 

The new iPhone SE is available at a price of 536 dollars in Russia and 399 dollars in the United States. 




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