Nissan Magnite Facelift: the Refreshments for the Popular Subcompact SUV


The Nissan Magnite, a popular subcompact SUV in India since its launch in December 2020, is gearing up for its first facelift. While it has received minor updates over time, car enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting a more substantial refresh. Recently, a partially covered Magnite facelift was spotted undergoing testing at the Bharat NCAP crash test facility, offering a glimpse of the potential changes. Let’s delve into the details we can glean from this sighting and explore what the future might hold for the facelifted Magnite.

Nissan Magnite Facelift

Subtle Shifts Up Front: A Focus on Refinement

The spy shot primarily reveals the front fascia of the Magnite facelift, suggesting a focus on refining the existing design rather than a complete overhaul. Here’s a breakdown of the expected changes:

  • Revised Grille: The current grille design might be replaced with a new one, potentially featuring a fresh pattern or chrome accents for a more premium look.
  • Tweaked Bumper: The front bumper could be redesigned to complement the revised grille and potentially enhance aerodynamics.
  • Updated Headlights: The spy shot doesn’t provide a clear view of the headlights, but we might see alterations to their housing or the incorporation of new LED elements for a more modern appearance.

While the L-shaped DRLs seem to remain unchanged in this glimpse, the facelifted Magnite could receive redesigned alloy wheels for a more dynamic stance. Additionally, updates to the taillights and rear bumper are also possibilities, although their details remain under wraps for now.

A Peek Inside: Potential Feature Enhancements

While a clear view of the interior wasn’t captured, here’s what we can expect based on industry speculations:

  • Fresh Interior Trims: The cabin might receive new interior trim options, offering a different aesthetic and potentially elevating the perceived quality of the materials.
  • Updated Seat Upholstery: A refresh of the seat upholstery is a possibility, introducing new materials, colors, or patterns to enhance the overall interior ambiance.

Feature Upgrades: Adding Comfort and Convenience

Beyond the visual refinements, the Magnite facelift might see some feature upgrades to stay competitive in the market. Here are some potential additions:

  • Ventilated Front Seats: This feature, particularly sought after in hot climates like India, could be introduced to enhance comfort during long drives.
  • Single-Pane Sunroof: A single-pane sunroof could be incorporated to provide a more open and airy feel within the cabin.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: The current Magnite offers a decent safety package. The facelift could potentially see the inclusion of six airbags as standard, further bolstering passenger protection.
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Existing features like the 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, 7-inch digital driver display, and wireless phone charging are likely to be carried over.

Powertrain: Expected to Remain Unchanged

The powertrain options for the Magnite facelift are likely to remain the same as the current model. This means we can expect:

  • 1.0-liter Naturally Aspirated Petrol Engine: This engine delivers 72 PS of power and 96 Nm of torque, catering to those prioritizing fuel efficiency.
  • 1.0-liter Turbo-Petrol Engine: This option offers a more spirited driving experience with 100 PS of power and up to 160 Nm of torque (depending on the transmission).

Transmission choices are also expected to remain the same, with a 5-speed manual transmission, a 5-speed AMT (Automated Manual Transmission), and a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) likely to be offered with the turbo-petrol engine.

Expected Launch, Price, and Rivals

The Nissan Magnite facelift is anticipated to launch in India by the end of 2024 or early 2025. The pricing is expected to start from around Rs 6.30 lakh (ex-showroom), which is competitive within the subcompact SUV segment.

Upon arrival, the facelifted Magnite will continue to rival established players like the Renault Kiger (its close cousin), Tata Nexon, Maruti Brezza, Hyundai Venue, Kia Sonet, and Mahindra XUV 3XO. Additionally, it will face competition from the upcoming Skoda sub-4m SUV, making the segment even more exciting for potential buyers.

Nissan Magnite Facelift: A Refreshing Take on a Popular Choice

The Nissan Magnite facelift, based on the available information, appears to be focusing on a refined design and potentially some feature upgrades. While the core strengths of the current Magnite – affordability, spacious cabin, and fuel efficiency – are likely to be retained, the facelift could solidify its position in the competitive subcompact SUV market.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When will the Nissan Magnite facelift launch in India?

A: The launch date hasn’t been officially confirmed by Nissan, but based on industry speculations, it’s expected to arrive in India by the end of 2024 or early 2025.

Q: What are the expected changes to the exterior of the Magnite facelift?

A: The facelift is likely to feature a revised grille, a tweaked front bumper, and potentially updated headlights. Redesigned alloy wheels, updated taillights, and a revised rear bumper are also possibilities.

Q: Will the interior of the Magnite facelift receive any significant changes?

A: While a clear look at the interior isn’t available yet, we might see new interior trims and updated seat upholstery.

Q: What new features could be included in the Magnite facelift?

A: Potential feature additions include ventilated front seats, a single-pane sunroof, and six airbags as standard. Existing features like the touchscreen infotainment system, digital driver display, and wireless phone charging are likely to be retained.

Q: Will the engine options change for the Magnite facelift?

A: The current 1.0-liter naturally aspirated petrol and 1.0-liter turbo-petrol engines are expected to continue with minimal or no changes. Transmission choices are also likely to remain the same.

Q: What will be the starting price of the Nissan Magnite facelift?

A: The exact pricing hasn’t been revealed, but estimates suggest it might start from around Rs 6.30 lakh (ex-showroom), which is competitive within the subcompact SUV segment.

Q: Which SUVs will be rivals to the Nissan Magnite facelift?

A: The facelifted Magnite will continue to compete with established players like the Renault Kiger, Tata Nexon, Maruti Brezza, Hyundai Venue, Kia Sonet, and Mahindra XUV 3XO. It will also face competition from the upcoming Skoda sub-4m SUV.