NIU unveiled its first electric scooter. Price – from $ 599


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 03:14 pm

NIU unveiled its first electric scooter. Price – from $ 599

NIU, a manufacturer of popular and affordable electric mopeds, has unveiled its first electric scooter. The new vehicle will go on sale this summer.

Niu electric scooter
Niu electric scooter

The NIU Kick Scooter will be available in Pro and Sport variants. The first will reach a speed of 32 km / h, and the second will accelerate to 28 km / h. In Europe, both scooters’ speeds will be limited to 25 km / h due to local laws. NIU Kick Scooter Pro will provide a range of 50 km after 7.5 hours of charging. The sport will charge two hours less, but on a single charge, it will travel no more than 40 km.

The Pro model will receive a 350 W motor and a 486 Wh battery. The KickScooter Sport will boast a 300W motor and 665Wh battery. Both scooters are water-resistant and can be folded for easy transport.

A more affordable version of the NIU Kick Scooter Sport will cost customers $ 599. NIU has not yet shared the cost of the more expensive modification. Acceptance of pre-orders will begin in June, and retail sales will start in August.

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